Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 4 : In the Kingdom of Fools

1Idiotsthe people who are not intelligent मूर्ख fool, stupid, moron
2Tillhere, to cultivate land for farming हल चलना shelf, cabinet drawer, cultivate
3Stirringmoving around हड़कंप मच गया exciting, thrilling, action-packed
4Gurusaint गुरु teacher, educator, instructor
5Amazedshocked and surprised अचंभित benumbed, flabbergasted, slaphappy
6Duddu money in Kannada language श्रम………….
7Pursuingfollowपीछा करना hunt, stalk, track
8Ancient traderefers to theft there प्राचीन व्यापारanicient business, anicient industry
9Bricklayeris a person who lays the bricks and built the walls राजगीर arcanum, brick-layer, principality
10Scoundrela dishonest person दुष्ट rogue, rascal, scoundrel
11Accusationto blame someone आरोप allegation, imputation, recrimination
12Bailiffsa law officer who makes sure that the decisions of a court are obeyed. खैरात agent, bobby, deputy.
13Stakea post with a sharp, pointed end used to pierce through something तना हुआ betting, wager, stallion
14Executionan official killing of someoneप्राणदण्ड accomplishment, performance, effecting
15Persuadeconvince राज़ी करना explain, decode, exhort
16Decreeorder आज्ञा commandment, permission, instructions
17Scrapea difficult situation that one has got intoउलझनanfractuosity, Embarrassment, embranglement
18Clamour to Insist on something किसी बात पर जोर देनाenjoin, exact, press
19Postpone to put off something for a later timeटाल देना avert, avoid, cast aside
20Disguiseda different appearance in order to hide one’s identity प्रच्छन्न personate, camouflaged, incognito
21Panicfright घबड़ाहट intimidation, dismay, fear

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