Class 11 English (Hornbill) Prose Word Meanings

Chapter 7 The Adventure

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)
1TownshipsTowns or villagesउपनगर, बस्ती
2Roared to move at a high speed while making a loud noiseदहाड़ना.
3Permitsauthorize to do somethingअनुमति देना
4Ventured to say something that might be considered as an apologyकार्य करने का साहस करना
5Suburbanresidential areaउपनगरीय
6Emerged developed; beginविकसित
8Proclaimedto announce something officiallyउद्घोषित
9Flourishingto grow successfullyसमृद्धिशाली
10Riddle mystery or puzzleपहेली
11Converged metमिलना
12Precise exact; accurateयथार्थ
13Triumphant Successfulविजयी
14Avidlywith great interestउत्सुकतापूर्वक
15Morale boosteranything which boosts self- confidenceमनोबल बढ़ाने वाला
16Supremacythe condition of being superior to othersप्रधानता
17Expansionista follower of the policy of territorial or economic expansionविस्तारवादी
18Relegated to assigned to a lower rankनिर्वासित कर देना
19Dismay shockसंत्रास
20Political acumenpolitical smartnessराजनैतिक कुशाग्रता
21Valour great courage in battleवीरता
22De facto existing in fact with or without any lawful authorityवास्तव में
23Astute smartness; quick-wittedचतुर
24Figurehead a carving; imageजहाज पर का बना हुआ चित्र
25Outpost a small military camp used as a guardसीमाचौकी
26Seldom not oftenकभी कभी
27Doctored accounts manipulated accounts related to historyसिद्धांतित खाते
28Meleea confused fightहाथापाई
29Shovedto push someone roughlyधकेलना
30Frugal less costly and simpleमितव्ययी
31Strollto wanderपरिभ्रमण
32Thronga large pack of crowdजमघट, भीड़
33Gave vent to to express one’s feelings प्रकट करना
34Hostile unfriendlyशत्रुतापूर्ण
35Valiantly bravelyबहादुरी
37Swarmedmove somewhere in a large numberइकट्ठा होना
38Dumbfounded amazedआश्चर्यचकित
39Smugly to show excess satisfaction आत्मतुष्ट ढंग से
40Amokto behave uncontrollablyआपे से बाहर
41Triumphantlyto win a battleविजयी होकर
42Inadvertently unintentionallyअनजाने में
43Disparity differenceअसमानता
45Routa defeatघोर पराजय
46Impetus the force with which body movesबल
47Manifestationthe action of showing something; demonstrationजलूस
48Startling surprisingचौंकाने
49Assertiona confident statement of a factअभिकथन
50Determinisma doctrine that all the events are caused by the external willयह सिद्धांत कि मनुष्य के कार्य स्वतंत्र नहीं होते
52Ignoramusan ignorant personअज्ञानी
53Marshall to gather somethingतैयार रखना
54Bifurcation divisionविभाजन
55Trajectory the path followed by a projectile flyingप्रक्षेपवक्र
56Viable practicalव्यवहार्य
57 Speculatingwonderingविचार करना

Chapter 8 Silk Road

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)
1Kora meditation performed by Buddhist believersबौद्ध विश्वासियों द्वारा किया गया ध्यान
2Ducking Back going inside and then coming outअंदर जा रहा है और फिर बाहर आ रहा है
3Size me up to look at someone attentivelyबारीकी से निरीक्षण करना
4Clamberedmove or climb in an awkward wayकठिनाई से चढ़ना
6Nibbling take a small bite fromकुतरना
7Arid having little or no rainबंजर, सूखा
8Pastures land covered with grassभूमि घास से आच्छादित
9Frownto disapprove of somethingकिसी चीज की अस्वीकृति करना
10Bounding jump; hop; bounceछलांग
11Wild assan animal who have ears shorter than a horse and smaller in sizeजंगली गधा
12Herda large group of animalपशु समूह
13Galloping progressing in an uncontrollable mannerतेजी से चलना
14En masse in a groupसामूहिक रूप से
15Manoeuvresmilitary exercisesयुद्धाभ्‍यास
17Billowed filled with air; swelled outबड़ी लहर
18Wilderness wastelandजंगल
19Solitary privateएकान्त
20Flocksa group of birdsपक्षियों के झुंड
21Evasive slipperyकपटपूर्ण
22Veering to change direction suddenlyमुड़ना
23Shaggy bushy or hairyझबरा
24Prostratinglying downशयन
25Ferociouscruel or violentक्रूर
26Mastiffs a dog who is a strong breed with dropping ears saggy earsएक प्रकार का बड़ा कुत्ता
27Glintingsparkle or twinkle चमकता हुआ
28Meandersto follow a winding course of a river or roadघुमावदार मार्ग से हो कर आगे बढ़ना
29Daubed spread a thick sticky substance on a surface carelesslyबेतरतीब तरीके से रंगना
30Lichen a slow-growing plant which grows on walls, trees or rocksधीमी गति से बढ़ने वाला पौधा
31Clung hold tightly onto somethingसख़्त पकड़ना
32Swathea long strip of landजमीन की पट्टी
33Petered outto diminish gradually and stopधीरे से कोई कार्य समाप्त होना
34Encrusted decorated with a hard surface layerपपड़ीदार
35Slither to move smoothly over a surfaceलुढ़कना
36Fling throwफेंकना
37Lurching listingसूचीकरण
38Throb pulsateधड़कन
39Ascentclimb on an upward slopeचढ़ाई
40Cairn of rocks the pile of stone on the top of the mountain, especially where someone is buried.चट्टानों का केयर्न
41Festooned decoratedबंदनवार से सजाना
42Careered down sinking the slopeढलान डूब रहा है
43Salt flatsthatched roof covered with snowबर्फ से ढकी छत
44Pockmarked disfigured with a scarछाला
45Brackishslightly salty waterखारा
46Vestiges a trace of something that is disappearingअवशेष
47Ladenloaded, Heapsलदा हुआ
48Grim ugly or greyभयंकर
49Accumulated gatheredजमा हुआ
50Venerated respectedसम्मानित करना
51Cosmologyscience about the origin and development of the universeब्रह्मांड विज्ञान
53Forge put together; build-upबनाना
54Filthy dirtyगंदा
55Ragscrap clothचीर, स्क्रैप कपड़ा
56Devout deepगहरा
57Confinement detention; captivityकारावास
58Stark plainकोरा
59Sanctity pureशुद्धि, पवित्र
60Nocturnal night timeरात का
61Gasping breathlessnessहांफते
62Propping to hold upसहारा देना
63Pellets shotsगोला, गोली
67Rudimentary basic or primaryप्रारंभिक
69Brook a small stream छोटी सी धारा
70Pondering thinkingविचार करना
71Well-trodden much frequented by travellersयात्रियों द्वारा बहुत बारंबारता
72Cavernous vastगुफाओंवाला
73Wreathedtwistedघुमाया हुआ
74Stout firmमजबूत
75Rickety unstableअस्थिर
76Tiresome dull and boringथकाने वाला

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