Target 20-Checking the Punctuation

Target 20-Checking the Punctuation As well as spelling correctly, you will also be expected to use correct punctuation You must use capital letters in the correct places and use punctuation marks such as periods, commas, and question marks correctly. It is also important to indent […]

Target 19-Checking the Spelling

Target 19-Checking the Spelling When you revise your response to a writing task, one thing you will have to check is the spelling. You will be expected to know how to spell common English words correctly. Check your writing carefully to make sure that you […]

Target 17-Sentence Types

Target 17-Sentence Types Using variety in your sentences keeps your writing lively and interesting. It also shows the range of your writing ability. One way you can vary your sentences is by using a variety of sentence types. There are four types of sentences simple, […]

Target 16-Parallel Structures

Target 16-Parallel Structures Parallel structures are structures that follow the same pattern when you write Parallel structure, your wing has a rhythm that is easy to follow. It helps make you Ideas easier to understand. Subjects Parallel    Play and study two ways Children can […]

Target 15-Nouns

Target 15-Nouns singular and Plural Noun English nouns are either counted or non-count count nouns are things we can be counted. You can put numbers in front of them. They have both singular plural Forms. I read one  book last week read a book last […]

Target 14-Pronouns

Target 14-Pronouns Pronouns are used to replace or refer to nouns so that you don’t have to keep repeat in the same word over and over. Pronouns The subject he she                   it          […]

Target 13-Comparison and Contrast

  Target 13-Comparison and Contrast You can define an object or describe a person by comparing or contrasting the object with something else. You can define a pear by comparing it with a peach or contrast- ing it with a banana. This is a very […]

Target 12-Chronological Order

Target 12-Chronological Order chronological order organism ng wound the sequence of time. You write about what happens first, then what happens second what happens after that, and what finally happens. Useful Words for Time alter                     […]