Word Meaning, Summary, Important Questions Of Chapter 10 The Book that Saved the Earth | Class 10

Hindi Meaning Of Difficult Words | Chapter 10 The Book that Saved the Earth

1 Dubiouslywith hesitation or doubtसंदिग्ध रूप से askance, distrustfully, mistrustfully
2 Excellentvery fineअति उत्कृष्टsuperb, outstanding, marvellous
3 Illustratedadjective of a book, newspaperव्याख्याdecorate, ornament, embellish
4 Planetan astronomial bodyग्रह constellation, asterism, Mercury
5Alarmedfearfulचिंतितfrighten, scare, panic
6Anteatersan animalsएंटइटर्स…...........
7Apprenticetrainee, leanerशिक्षु beginner, neophyte, fresher
8Barnshelter, outhouseखलिहान है grainery, stackyard
9Bowskneelsधनुषloop, knot, ribbon
10BreathlesslyNot able to breathe easilyबेदमcordially, intently, promptly.
11Brightlycheerfullyचमकते हुएbrilliantly, splendidly, blazingly.
12Brilliancebrightnessप्रतिभाtalent, genius, charisma
13Capsulespaceshipआवरण mantle, involucre, integument
14Cataloguelist, categoryसूची index, schedule, prospectus
15Ceasestopसमाप्तिend, termination, expiry
16Centurya period of 100 yearsसदीa centennial
17Chewinggrinding with teethचबानेmasticate, munch, crunch
18Chucklinglaugh quietlyमुँह दबाकर हँसती titter, snigger, tehee
19Civilisationshuman development व्यावसायिक विशेषज्ञताadvancement, progress, enlightenment
20Clarifymake clearस्पष्ट करनाilluminate, explain, elucidate
21Clueideaसंकेतindication, hint, gesture
22Cockle shellsshellकॉकल शैलbankers, cobles, draggers
23Communicationtalkingcontactसंचारimparting, conveying, reporting
24Consultseek advice fromपरामर्शpowwow, think, see
25Contraryon the other handविरोधresistance, protest, opposition
26Crewteamकर्मी दलcohort, hordes, sqaud
27Cruderough कच्चाcutcha, Imperfect, vealy
28Curiosities things of curiosityजिज्ञासा pry, demand, eagerness
29Decipherdecodeसमझनेexplain, decipher, show
30Decoratedmade beautifulसजा हुआornamented, flowery, inwrought
31Delicioustastyस्वादिष्टmouth-watering, appetizing, flavoursome
32Desisthold backविरत prevent, fend, intercept
33Diddlecheatधोखा देनाdupe, juggle, betray
34Domesticatedto tame a petपाला हुआtame, break in, master
35Earthlingshere, human beingsपृथ्वीवासीhumankind, man, person.
36Easela wooden frame for holding an artist's work while it is being painted or drawnचित्रफलकframework, compages, Figuration
37Elaboratedetailed, complicatedविस्तृत extensive, comprehensive, spacious
38Elementaryeasy, basicप्राथमिक first, seminal, primitive
39Encyclopediabook which gives information on many subjectsविश्वकोशcompilation, concordance, cyclopedia.
40Enormousvery bigविशालhuge, spacious, large
41Eraperiodयुग epoch, period, eon
42Evacuateclear offहटा देनाrecapture, lay off, supersede
43Explosivesthings that explodeविस्फोटकोंbomb, incendiary, device
44Fantasticallyin a strange wayआश्चर्यजनक रूप से विविधpeculiarly, rarely, remarkably.
45Fiddlefraud, cheatबेलाviolin, cello, double bass
46Figure it outcalculate समझ से बाहरfathom, reason, decipher
47Folded joined handsमुड़ा हुआ plicate, curvate, retrorse
48Frequencyradio waveआवृत्तिdensity, number, prevalence.
49Frightfearडरeeriness, apprehensiveness, fearfulness
50Frownshow angerभ्रूभंगscowl, glare, lour
51Galaxiessolar systemआकाशगंगाओंstar system, cluster, nebula
52Generousliberalउदार lenient, magnanimous, undemanding
53Glorygrandeurमहिमाrenown, prestige, honour
54Gogglessunglassesचश्मेeyeglasses, specs, contacts
55Gravely in a serious mannerगंभीरता सेcoldly, badly, soberly
56Gulpswallow something fastजल्दी से निगलनाquaff, down, swig
57Haberdasherysewing items such as buttons, needles etcबिसाती की दुकानdepartment store, small wares store, general store
58Haughtilyproudlyअहंकार से vain, arrogant, conceited
59HistorianAn expert in or student in history.इतिहासकारchronicler, annalist, archivist
60Historiscope Here, it means a bioscope that shows history of something.ऐतिहासिक इतिहास…................
61Incidenthappeningघटनाevent, occurrence, phenomena
62Indicatesshowsदर्शाता हैdesignate, specify, stipulate
63Insignificantless importantतुच्छpinpoint, frivolous, measly
64Intellectuallywith intellectबौद्धिकcerebral, highbrow, mental.
65Intentlykeenlyआशय सेdeliberately, expressly, meaningly
66Interplanetary between the planetsग्रहों के बीच काcosmos, celestial spaces, deep space.
67Invasioncapture, annexआक्रमण attack, aggression, offensive
68Launchingstartingशुभारंभinitiate, inaugurate, set up
69Levitycare free attitudeछिछोरापनhigh spirits, vivacity, conviviality
70Lieutenantdeputy, an army rankलेफ्टिनेंटdeputy, number two, assistant
71Locationsituationस्थान place, spot, position
72Magnificentglorious, majestic शानदार splendid, stunning, illustrious
73Mannedcontrolled by manआबाद populated, habitable
74Marblebits of stoneसंगमरमरdapple, dot, fleck
75Martianrelated to marsमंगल ग्रह का निवासी alien, extraterrestrial.
76Microphonesound amplifying deviceमाइक्रोफ़ोनbug, wire, amplifier.
77Mightyfearsomeशक्तिमानstrong, powerful, dynamic
78Missiles a weaponमिसाइल projectile, trajectile
79MuseumA building in which objects of historical, scientific are stored and exhibited.संग्रहालयbuilding, foundation, gallery.
80Notifyannounceसूचित करेंinform, denote, intimate
81Observenoticeध्यान से देखनाwatch, look on, take notice
82Pantomimescomedy based on nursery story/rhyme. Here, it means comic expression on faceपैंटोमाइम्स…..........
83Pausestopठहराव standstill, definition, stay
84Peculiarstrangeअजीबweird, odd, bizarre
85Peerslooksसाथियों match, rival, companion
86Peevishlyirritableचिड़चिड़पनcombatively, contentiously, fractiously
87Popput intoपोपcrack, snap, burst
88Poundpat forcefullyपौंड quid, smacker
89Primitive ballancient ballआदिम गेंदbasic ball, pristine ball, undeveloped ball
90Probesearchजांचinvestigation, enquiry, exploration
91Projectora device that projectsप्रक्षेपकoverhead projector, slide projector, stereopticon
92Rarevery uncommonदुर्लभinfrequent, scarce, golden
93Refreshment standrestaurantजलपान स्टैंडconcession stand, food court, juice bar.
94Resumedrestart, begin withफिर से शुरूrenew, reinstitute, carry on with
95Ridiculousfunny, hilariousहास्यास्पदlaughable, sidesplitting, unsightly
96Rifflingshufflingरिफलिंग confuse, disarray, disorder.
97Rowlineपंक्ति range, file, phalanx
98Salutationgreetingअभिवादनwelcome, salute, respect
99Screamingcryingतेज़ चीकवालाblare, roar, shout.
100Sergeantofficer ranking below a lieutenantउच्च श्रेणी का वकीलauthoritarian, despot, enforcer.
101Shelterprotectionआश्रय resort, concealment, asylum
102Simultaneouslyat the same timeइसके साथ ही at once, concurrently, together
103Smackingto hitचांटा मारनाslap, strike, spank
104Space proberesearch, explorationअंतरिक्ष यानgeo probe, interplanetary explorer, space satellite.
105SpotlightA lamp projecting a beam of light on a particular place or person.सुर्खियोंsearchlight, floodlight, headlight
106Squigglesa short line that curls and loops in an irregular wayउतारsquirm, twist, wriggle.
107Squintslook with/through narrowed eyesतिरछी दूष्टि से देखनाpeer, blink, squinny
108Staple fooda routine foodमूल भोजन daily bread, meat, necessary food.
109Stifflynon flexibleकठोरतापूर्वकclumsily, bunglingly, gawkily
110Strorage barnstoreभंडारण खलिहानouthouse, lock-up
111Structureconstructionसंरचना framework, skeleton, draft
112Surveyoran official inspectorसर्वेक्षकassessor, cartographer, measurer
113Terriblehorribleभयानक eerie, dreadful, dire
114Tome a book of knowledgeपुस्तकwork, opus, publication
115Tracessignsनिशानfind, discover, detect
116Transcribeput thoughts into written formअनुलेखन करनाdecipher, interpret, reproduce.
117Triflingunimportantतुच्छtrivial, unimportant, insignificant
118Twirlturn roundघुमावrocker, flexion, curve
119Uglyunattractiveभद्दाunsightly, ugly, misshapen
120Undoubtelywithout doubtनिश्चित रूप सेdoubtlessly, beyond, unquestionably
121Unfoldopenउधेड़नाunreel, unfix, tear away
122Whisperingspeaking lowधीरे-धीरे बोलनाmutter, mumble, purr
123Zulusan african tribeजूलू…..........

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About The Poet | Chapter 10 The Book that Saved the Earth


The lesson is a remarkable work of fiction. Historian is addressing the audience about invasion of Mars and how it was averted by books. He talks about ‘Era of the Book’ and speaks highly of books. Think-Tank is introduced as an arrogant mighty ruler of Mars. He feels that he is superior to Earth and has a low opinion about it. He sends a team to probe to learn about earthling. His arrogance and fearful personality is revealed during his conversation with his subordinates. Various interpretations of the books and library scare him to the level that he leaves for Alpha Centauri. Historian speaks about the importance of books even in saving from Mar’s invasion.

Short Summary Of Chapter 10 The Book that Saved the Earth
In English


The opening lines of the play suggest the incident happens in 2050. Historian speaks about Martian invasion and how it was averted. The scene is set at the Museum of Ancient History: Department of the Twentieth Century. Historian tells the audience that twentieth century was called the Era of the Book. There were books on everything. They covered all aspects of life. She tells that Martians (people of Mars) decided to invade Earth in 2040. Everyone was surprised to know that it was a book that saved the Earth. She turns on the projector and shows how it all happened.

The ruler of Mars, the Mighty Think-Tank is a proud creature whose head full of ego. He calls earth a ridiculous planet. He commands his trainee Noodle to call the space probe that is invading the Earth. He is egocentric and ambitious. The space probe finds itself in a Centerville Public Library, seeing the books around, they are puzzled. They are not familiar with books. They do not understand what those thousand of objects are. They are trying to make wild guesses.

Sergeant Oop opines that the books are hats. But Think-Tank calls them sandwiches and orders the crew to eat them. The wise Noodle gently suggests that they may be devices of communication. Think-Tank asks the probe team to listen to them. They focus but could not hear anything. Again, Noodle very politely suggests that earthlings watch them. They cannot read the books and come to a conclusion that the printed lines and pictures must be some kind of code.

Think-Tank commands the team to take vitamins to enable them to intercept the content. They follow him and are able to read the books. The lines are about Mistress Mary and her garden of cockle shells and silver bells. There is a line where a dish runs away with a spoon. Think-Tank thinks that the earthlings were very advanced. They can grow shells and silver. They have taught their domesticated animals musical culture and space techniques. He thinks that they are about to send cows for an invasion to the moon. He is further terrified when the picture of the fallen Humpty Dumpty was sent to him. It looks like him with head. He interprets it to be a great threat to his life. He cancels the invasion. He orders his fleet to escape to the star Alpha Centauri and evacuate Mars. He wants to be as far away as possible from earthlings.

Historian reveals that it was a book of rhymes that saved the Earth. Noodle succeeded Think-Tank and became the head of Mars. Mars and Earth are now friends. Earthlings has even set up a library in their capital, Marsopolis. However Martians could never gather the courage to read the Mother Goose’ book.



Martians planned to attack earth. The ruler of Mars, Think-Tank instructed one of his Martian, Noodle to gather information about Earth. He saw that other three crew members – captain Omega, Lieutenant lota and Sergeant Oop found some books in Centervilie Public Library. A book named ‘Mother Goose’ contains nursery rhymes. Omega managed to read some nursery rhymes like ‘Mistress Mary’, Humpty Dumpty’, etc. Think-Tank misinterpreted the rhymes. He was shocked to discover that metals could be grown in fields. He also thought that earthlings were intelligent enough in warfare and had advanced technology to grow high explosives. On seeing the image of Humpty Dumpty, he thought its head resembled that of his own. He feared invasion on Mars by earthlings. So he decided to migrate to Alpha Centauri, one hundred million miles away from Mars. The Martians fear the book till date. Hence, we can say that the tittle The Book that Saved the Earth’ is apt.



The Book that Saved the Earth’ is a science fiction. The main theme is peaceful co-existence. The story is about unwarranted invasion and to pronounce domination of one race or country over the other. However, when one realizes, it gives up even on petty things. As in the story, Martins were planning to invade earth but were scared when they ran through a book named “Mother Goose”.

Think-Tank misinterpreted the rhymes and was shocked to discover that metals could be grown in fields. He feared invasion of earthlings on Mars, so migrated to other farther place. The other theme is that the powerful may turn into weak situations generating laughter and humour.



The play The Book That Saved the Earth’ conveys the message that the confusion in the mind of Think-Tank occurred due to the literal interpretation of the nursery rhymes in the book ‘Mother Goose. To ensure that conflicts are checked so that peace and harmony are maintained. Cultural differences should be sorted out by initially sending mature and wise people from one culture to the other to establish contact before deciding to wage war. Think-Tank had sent an initial probe but the crew members of the probe were not sufficiently intelligent or mature to understand Earth’s culture. That is why they literally misinterpreted the nursery rhymes and caused misunderstanding in the mind of Think-Tank.



  1. Think-Tank

He is the ruler of mighty Mars. He is arrogant, foolish and over confident. He prefers to be pampered and honoured. He has a ballon shaped head similar to the Humpty Dumpty, a character in a poem. He has high praise for himself. Think-Tank thinks that he is handsome, the mightiest, the cleverest and most knowledgeable. He looks down up the inhabitants of Earth and tries to invade it.

  1. Noodle

Noodle is the important character in the story. Thus, we see that Noodle is an intelligent, knowledgeable, clever, tactful, polite and understanding person. He is one of the crew members of the invasion team that comes to invade the Earth. He echoes Think-Tank in every manner. He is a very clever creature. He knows

that Think-Tank, being commander-in-chief has to be obeyed. So he keeps on praising Think-Tank, and corrects him whenever requires. It is only Noodle who thinks practically and differently about the books which are considered as sandwiches to eat. But Noodle is not sad at all. Moreover he is a true follower of Think-Tank.


Martian- people of mars:

Invasion- attack;

Mighty- powerful:

Apprentice-learner of a trade;

Easel- wooden frame;


Encyclopedia- world knowledge books;

Tome- a large volume of books;

Missiles- weapons,

Robe- gown;

Elaborate- explain;

Salutation- greeting;


 Probe- to examine closely:

Ridiculous- causing mockery:

Insignificant- unimportant:

Smacking- kissing loudly,

Race- tribe;

Primitive- backward;

Riffling-searching quickly;

Crew- ship company;

Peculiar- special;

Barn- granary:

Haberdashery- a shop selling pins, clothes etc.;

Crude- in a raw state;

Gulping- swallowing;

Impolite- rude;


Pantomime- to express by dumb show:


Trifling- of little value;

Surveyor- examining carefully;


Haughtily-in a pound way,



Squiggles- illegible writing;

Stiffly- firmly:

Gulp- to swallow hastily;

Simultaneously-at the same time;

Decipher- to interpret hidden writing,

Transcribe- write back,

Cockle-a weed;

Explosives- tending to burst forth;

Cease-to stop;

Desist-to discontinue,

Interplanetary- between planets;

Notify-to make known;


Evacuate- to make out;

Chuckling- amusing,




Answer the following questions:

  1. Why was the twentieth century called the ‘Era of Books’?

Ans. The twentieth century was called the ‘Era of the Books because they were the encyclopedias of knowledge. There were books about everything from ant-eaters to Zulus. Books were used to educate people and teach them. In fact, books were a very important part of life of the people. They were illustrated, punctuated and even decorated.

  1. What does Noodle tell Think-Tank about the books?

Ans. Initially. Think-Tank considers books as a crude refreshment stand but later, Noodle informs him that the Earthlings did not eat books they used them for communication.

  1. How did Think Tank misinterpret innocent nursery rhymes?

Ans. Think-Tank heard captain Omega transcribing certain nursery, rhymes like ‘Mistress Mary’. The Cat and the Fiddle and Humpty Dumpty had a great fall”. On hearing those poems, Think-Tank concluded that the earthlings were superior to them and in fact planning a attack on them.

  1. Why are books referred to as a man’s best companion? Which book saved the earth form Martian’s invasion?

Ans. Books have been called a man’s best companion as they always teach him the right things. They are the best companion because your friends may desert you in your hour of need but a book will never leave you or give you the wrong guidance.

  1. What did Historian speak about the Martian Invasion?

Ans. Historian proclaimed that a book ‘Mother Goose’ has averted the Martian invasion on earth. They looked down upon earthlings. They mistook themselves as superior.

  1. Why did Think-Tank says ‘Go over the whole thing again”?

Ans. Think Tank displayed the vanity of a ruler, a commander. He disliked the way Noodle praised him. He wanted laudable expressions so Noodle had to speak lightly of him before addressing him.

  1. Why did Think-Tank wish to contact the space probe?

Ans. Think-Tank was ambitious and was willing to invade Earth. So he sent a team to probe. He wanted to contact the probe to find out what the crew of the probe had observed about Earth.

  1. What difficulty do the crew of the space probe face on Earth?

Ans. The space probe lands in a public library. The crew is shocked because the place looks very strange as they have no idea of books. They think the library to be some kind of storage barn.

  1. How does Think-Tank explain the books to his probe crew?

Ans. Think-Tank tells his crew that the books are sandwiches. He explains that since earth creatures are always eating he even orders his crew to eat them. According to him, sandwiches are the main staple of Earth diet. Then he calls them communication devices and later he says that they are meant for ear communication, but for eye communication.

  1. Why does the space probe crew take vitamins?

Ans. Think-Tank wants the probe crew to find out what is in the books. So, the probe crew takes vitamins to increase their intelligence. They are able to read the books after taking those vitamins.

  1. What is Think Tank’s interpretation of words like ‘shells’, ‘silver bells and garden from the nursery rhyme? What is its impact?

Ans. Think Tank interprets the given words to mean that the earthlings grew shells and silver in their gardens. This causes him to withhold their planned invasion of than Earth as he feels that Earth is more advanced than Mars.

  1. Why did Think-Tank say ‘No invasion today”?

Ans. Martian was planning to invade earth. Think Tank called them meek and unintelligent. But when he understood that earthlings had reached a high level of civilization, he decided to forgo the attack.

  1. Think Tank thinks that earthlings are after him. What is the reason?

Ans. Crew read about Humpty Dumpty’s fall in the rhyme and showed the picture to Think-Tank. His head resembled that of Humpty Dumpty. This made Think-Tank felt that earthlings were planning to invade Mars and capture him.

  1. How has Noodle behaved throughout the story?

Ans. The apprentice of Think-Tank, Noodle, is nice figure in the story. He is very polite and smart. He corrects the mistakes of his ruler very humbly by giving indirect suggestions. Also, he is very wise and well informed. He becomes the ruler of Mars. He bonds well with the earthlings.

  1. How do Think-Tank look like?

Ans. Think-Tank is the ruler of the planet Mars. His head is huge and egg shaped. He wears a robe decorated with stars and circles. He is very proud of his intelligence and might. When he learns about the image of Humpty Dumpty, he found himself similar to the character.

  1. What did Noodle speak about books in the library?

Ans. Noodle took books as device for communication. He disagreed with the idea of eating books as sandwiches. He again added that earthlings opened and watched the books.

  1. What was the opinion of Think-Tank about earth?

Ans. Think-Tank spoke highly of himself and his Martian race. He called earth as a primitive ball and its inhabitants as ugly earthlings with tiny heads.


Answer the following questions:

  1. Noodle avoids offending Think-Tank but at the same time he corrects his mistakes. How does he manage to do that?

Ans. Think Tank is an arrogant, haughty king of Mars. He thinks himself to be the most intelligent and knowledgeable being in the land. In fact, he is quite ignorant and has little knowledge. His assistant, apprentice Noodle is not only much more knowledgeable but intelligent, too. He is known that if he tries to correct his master directly he will feel offended. So he corrects him in a very subtle manner. First of all Think-Tank tells his crew that books are sandwiches, it should be verified by eating them. Oops tries and finds it not delicious and worth eating. Noodles politely tells that in the surveyor films of books, he has seen that Earthlings do not eat them but use them as communicative devices. Think-Tank says that it was his next point and orders his crew to listen to the books.

When the books do not make any sound, again Noodles suggests in a humble way that he seems to recall that Earthlings do not listen but open and watch the books. Think-Tank picks up the idea of eye communication and orders his crew to watch them. When they fail to figure out what is written in the books in the so called code language, Noodle politely reminds Think-Tank about the vitamins provided by their chemical department to increase their intelligence.

Thus we see that Noodles avoids offending Think Tank by correcting his mistake in a roundabout, indirect, subtle manner using flattering language which pleases an arrogant person.

  1. What did Think-Tank think about the people on the Earth?

Ans. Think-Tank had low opinion about inhabitants of Earth. He felt that Martians were more beautiful. The Earthlings had a smaller head when compared to the Martians who had great and mighty balloon brain which had made them cleverer and more intelligent than the Earthling. They were fond of eating so they always kept eating sandwich. Think-Tank mockingly called the Earth a meaningless place where the people were not so intelligent and brave like the Martians and himself. So he decided to capture the Earth. He displayed vanity while looking at mirror. He was covered as he left Mars forever.

  1. What guesses are made by Think-Tank about the book found on earth?

Ans. Think-Tank sends a team to probe who reaches at the Centreville Public Library. Think-Tank makes guesses that the books are the kind of crude refreshment stand and called it a sandwich, or a communication device. He disapprovingly added that people on earth are fond of eating breads and are foodie. On Noodle’s suggestion, chemical vitamins are taken which enabled Omega to transcribe the code of nursery rhymes, Mistress Mary, Humpty Dumpty and the cat and the Fiddle’. All the poems makes Think-Tank come to conclusion that Earthlings have a high level of civilization and that they have been targeted by them and so decides to escape from Mars.

  1. What changes have taken place in the field of books since twentieth centuary?

Ans. Since 20th century the book has changed its significance. The twentieth century was called ‘Era of Books’. In that day, there were books on every subject. These were from ant-eaters to Zulus. Books taught people ‘how to’ and ‘when to’ and ‘where to’ and why to’. The books were a source of delving you deep into the sea of knowledge and there were books on every topic. Then with the advent of computers S and electronic media, books got completely wiped out. In future, they might be mistaken for even a sandwich or a stand. The lesson gives us message that books are always important as they help to save us even from a Martian attack.

  1. Mars and Earth became friends. How?

Ans. Think-Tank evacuated Mars and the Martians moved to Alpha Centauri. They feared an invasion by Earth. In the twenty-fifty century, the two planets became friends. The wise and wonderful Noodle replaced Think-Tank. Earthlings told Martians the difference between sandwiches and books.

They even taught them how to read. At the same time, they had created a model library for Martians at Marsopolis. Still there was one thing that Martians had never learnt to do. They had never tried to read the nursery rhymes of ‘Mother Goose”.


  1. What did Think-Tank think about himself?
  2. How did the crew members try to decipher the codes they found in the book?
  3. How was Noodle a successful ruler?
  4. ‘In the opinion of Think-Tank, the earthlings are superior creatures.’ Justify the statement.
  5. A simple book altered the plans of Martins invasion. How was it made possible? Describe.

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Chapter 10 The Sermon at Benares 
Chapter 11 The Proposal

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Footprints Without Feet

Chapter 1 A Triumph of Surgery 
Chapter 2 The Thief 
Chapter 3 The Midnight Visitor 
Chapter 4 A Question of Trust 
Chapter 5 Footprints without Feet 
Chapter 6 The Making of a Scientist 
Chapter 7 The Necklace 
Chapter 8 The Hack Driver 
Chapter 9 Bholi 
Chapter 10 The Book that Saved the Earth

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