Class 7 Conjunctions Exercise

Question 1) Fill in the blanks with the most suitable conjunctions.
  1. She has not spoken to me _____________ (for, since, when) she left the colony.
  2. The lights went off ________________ (as soon as, as well as, whenever) the thunder struck.
  3. You cannot interview the painter for the school magazine _______________ (unless, if, although) you meet him in person.
  4. You can come _____________ (after, before, when) you are free.
  5. Keep trying _________ (while, until, after) you succeed.
  6. You will have to book the ticket now, _________ (but, else, unless) the seat will go to someone else.
  7. You cannot understand our problems __________ (for, while, because) you have never lived here.
  8. I did not realize that I had made a mistake ____________ (when, until, unless) you told me.
  9. It is terribly hot today _____________ (if, but, unless) it is necessary, don’t go out.
  10. Scarcely had I reached home ___________ (when, than, before ) it started raining.