Class 7 Nouns Exercises

Question 1) Choose the correct nouns to complete the sentences.
  1. They are buying __________ (furniture/furniture) for their new house.
  2. This railway track is used for __________ (goods/good) trains.
  3. I have no further __________ (information/information) regarding her arrival.
  4. He is older than his brother by two and a half __________ (year/years).
  5. She lost her bunch of _________ (key/keys) in the train yesterday.
  6. The accident was seen by many ___________ (passer-by/passers-by).
  7. He has seven ___________ (son-in-laws/sons-in-law).
  8. The two former __________ (chiefs of staff/chief of staffs) are attending the meeting