Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 6 : My Childhood

1Erstwhile formerभूतपूर्व ex, late, quondam
2Innateinborn, (a quality or feeling) in one’s natureजन्मजातinbred, inherent
3Generosity of spirithis soul sought to help others who were needyआत्मा की उदारताiberal, munificent, princely
4Undistinguished ordinary or commonमामूलीaverage, commonplace
5Austeresimple, strict and severeसीधा-सादाstraightforward, unsophisticated
6Securesafeसुरक्षित keeping, unbroken
7Tamarind seedskind of fruitइमली के बीज……………
8Princely sumgenerous amount (here, ironic)राजसी राशिgrand, Lavish, magnificent.
9Annaan old Indian coin, worth about six paise एक प्रकार की मुद्रा…………..
10Dinamania tamil daily newspaper.एक तमिल अखबार…………..
11IsolatedLonely, cut-off अलगseparate, distinct
12Allied Forcesthe armies of U.K., U.S.A. and Russia during the Second World Warसंबद्ध बल…………
13Casualtylossआपदvictim, fatality, mortality
14Suspensionendनिलंबनadjournment, interruption, delay
15Haltstopविरामpause, discontinuation, period
16Filled the slot fit into a place easilyएक जगह पर आसानी से फिट………………..
17Pridesudden increase in the feeling of satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements.गौरवhubris, aplomb, vanity
18Igures of authority a person who has the power to give orders or make decisions.प्राधिकरण के आंकड़ेcommanding, imposing, masterful
19Orthodoxstrictकट्टरstaunch, hard boiled, austere
20Could not stomachcould not tolerateबर्दाश्त नहीं कर सकाnot accept, not endure.
21Downcastsad or depressedउदासgloomy, melancholy, sullen
22Summonedcalledबुलवाना convene, invite, bid
23Bluntlyspeaking in a direct and honest way, even if this offends or upsets people.दो टूकgruffly, flatly, blankly
24Apologiseseek pardonक्षमा मांगनाregret, excuse, atone
25Quitto leaveछोड़नाmiss, discard, renounce
26Convictiona strong opinion or beliefधारणाnotion, concept, comprehension
27Conveycommunicatedपहुंचानाdeliver, carry, cause
28Optimismhope, cheerआशावादconfidence, buoyancy
29Segregationseparationपृथक्करणdissociation, segregation, severance
30Longingdesireलालसाlust, impulsiveness, passion
31Conservativetraditionalअनुदारmoderate, reactionary, timid
32Rebelin oppositionविद्रोहीinsurgent, defiant, insurrectionary
33Mingleinteract with each other.संयुक्त होनाcommingle, fuse, merge
34On parat the same levelउसी स्तर परequivalent, identical
35Ritually purekept protected from all outside influences for the observances of religionपूरी तरह से शुद्धdecent, clean, apropos.
36Perturbedupsetव्याकुलuneasy, addled, restless
37Hesitationdoubtसंकोचdelay, puzzlement, bashfulness
38Confrontedfaced, tackledसामना करनाencounter, front
39Imminentabout to happenआसन्नadjacent, impending, proximate
40Unprecedentednever done or know before.अभूतपूर्व unparalleled, unequalled, unmatched
41Islanda piece of landद्वीपpeninsula, reef, haven.
42Formalcustomary औपचारिक figurative, ceremonious, regular
43Disadvantagesshortcomingsनुकसानloss, harm, deficit
44Idealmodelआदर्श fanciful, fictitious, dreamy
45Helpmatehelperसहायकassistant, subsidiary, auxiliary
46Recallrememberयाद memorize, retrace, keep in mind
47Ancestralinherited from forefathersपैतृक paternal, heritable
48Limestonewhite powder stoneचूना पत्थरchalkstone, chemical sedimentary rock.
49Inessentialunnecessary अनावश्यक redundant, needless, Immaterial
50Luxuriesitems of excessive comfort विलास-वस्तुएंgrandeur, splendour, magnificence
51Materiallyeconomically वास्तव में really, indeed, virtually
52Broke outstarted शुरूarise, begin, commence.
53Eruptedcame at once फूटनाfulminate, rupture, dehisce
54Provision shopgroceries shop प्रावधान की दुकानbodega, corner store, food mart.
55FetchBring लाना get, contribute, take
56Attempttry प्रयास strive, aim, venture
57TraceSearch पता लगाना detection, ascertain, Investigate
58Emegencystate of crisis आपातकालीनcrisis, urgent situation, extremity
59CharacteristicsQualities विशेषताएँfeatures, highlights
60Specificsparticular बारीकियोंdetails, facts, points.
61Self-disciplaneself-resistant आत्म अनुशासन self-control, self-mastery, firmness
62Upbringingbreeding लालन - पालनcare, upkeep, cultivation
63Cateringsupply of provisions खानपान प्रबन्धfeed, serve, regale
64ContractorOne who work on a contract ठेकेदारerector, fabricator, framer.
65Prophetmessiahपैगंबरfortune teller, clairvoyant, prognosticator
66Sacred Threadholy yarn worn around the neck पवित्र धागा holy, revered, sanctified
67Rankingpositions पद term, status, chair
68Shiftedwent बदलनाchange, commute, switch
69LastingParmanentटिकाऊdurable, lasting, endurable
70Respectiveown अपने-अपनेpersonal, particular, individual
71Ultimatelyin the end अंत मेंeventually, finally
72Varying different बदलनाcommute, alter, shift
73Refuseddenied मना कर दियाdecline, ignore, protest.
74Seagulla seabird समुद्री गल……………