Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 3 : Iswaran the Storyteller

1Supervisora person whose job is to check the work of all the other peopleपर्यवेक्षक manager, director, administrator
2Bachelora person who is unmarried अविवाहितcelibate, loner, stag
3Makeshifttemporaryअस्थायी changeable, mutable, streaky
4Quarrymineखोदनाdig, etch, sculpt
5Assetadvantageसंपत्ति blessing, distinction, treasure.
6AnecdoteA short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person किस्सा story, tale, narrative
7Desolateuninhabited, empty उजाड़ देना lorn, godforsaken, unlooked-for
8Conjure upto gather or create with magic जादू contrive, create, evoke.
9Zinc sheet sheltera temporary place to live with the roof made of metallic sheets जस्ता शीट आश्रय……………
10Mutteringspeaking in a low voiceगुनगुन effervescence, gabbing
11Dozing offfalling asleep झपकी लेना catnap, doze, drowse.
12Narrative flourishesdetailed descriptions कथा पनपती हैhistorical story
13In thrallThe state of being in someone's power रोमांच में power, clutches, control
14Archedcurved धनुषाकार domed, rounded, bowed
15GestureA movement of hands for head to indicate something इशारे से pointing, signal, sign
16Handed his papersresignedउसके कागजात सौंप दिए withdraw, abdicate, renounce
17Enormoushugeबहुत बड़ा immeasurable, hulking, prodigious
18Timberwood that has been processed for commercial purposes इमारती लकड़ी stick, lumber, fire wood
19Hauledtransported ढोना tote, carry, put across
20 Prologuean introductory speech प्रस्तावना preface, introduction, foreword
21Elaboratedetailed विस्तृत करें extensive, elaborate, comprehensive
22Tuskeran elephant हाथी boar, mammoth, mastodon.
23Roam aboutmove around घूमते हैं bat, cruise, drift
24Stampinghitting with force मुहर लगाना seal, deface
25 EmulationEffort to match or surpass a person by imitation or copying अनुकरण करना pursuance, chase, emulation
26Outskirts outer area सरहद vicinity, environs, propinquity
27Helter skelterhere and there इधर - उधरscatteringly, sometimes, everywhere
28Panicsudden fear causing unthinkable behaviour घबड़ाहट terror, consternation, dread
29Grunted Made a loud sound बड़बड़ाया हुआ groan, cry, squawk.
30DepredationsAttacks which are made to destroy something लूट-पाट robbery, despoilment
31Hypnotizeto influence, control or direct completely as by personal charm, words or dominationसम्मोहित करनाmesmerize, put under
32Masteringputting together संचालन करना mastermind, superintend, drive up
33Whacked hit noisily ज़ोर से मारना beat, strike, punch
34Collapsed fell ढह गया be destroyed, tumble down, crash down
35Rapt attentioncompletely fascinated or absorbed by what one is seeing or hearing पूरी तरह से मोहित जो कोई देख रहा है …………..
36Veterinary doctora doctor who specializes in treating animals पशु चिकित्सक………………..
37Summonedcalled बुलवाना send for, convene
38Shrugto raise one's shoulders slightly and momentarily to express doubt, ignorance, or indifference कंधे उचकाने की क्रिया beckon, flourish, wave.
39Credibleable to be believed; convincing विश्वसनीय है reliable, authentic, Dependable
40InimitableUnique Auspicious: good अव्दितीय unique, distinctive, individual
41Delicaciestasty foodस्वादिष्ट भोजनdelight, transparency, smoothness
42Spiritssouls of the deadआत्माlife, psyche, vitality
43Ancestorselders of the familyपूर्वजmanes, elders, forefathers
44Culinary skillsrelated to cookingपाक कलाappetizing, comestible, culinary.
45Garishsomething which is too colourful and fancy that it is dislikedदिखावटी lurid, over-bright, glaring
46Supernaturalrelated to ghosts and spirits अलौकिक uncanny, superhuman, psychic
47Reveriea state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream सपना trance, fantasy, vision
48Shrivelledwrinkled and shrunken मुरझाया हुआ sere, drowsy, dopy
49Foetusunborn babyअजन्मा शिशुembryo, unborn vertebrate
50Figmentproductionउत्पादनinvention, creation, concoction
51Sulkbe silent, morose, and bad-tempered out of annoyance or disappointmentउदास होनाyearn, sadden
52Vicinitynearby areaआसपास का neighbourhood, local area
53Moancrying sound विलाप lament, mourning, wail
54Prowlingsearching तलाशी करना slink, steal
55Gutturalsound produced in the throat; harsh sounding कण्ठस्थ throaty, husky, gruff
56Resolvingdecidingहल करना solve , compromise, extricate
57Felinerelating to cats or other members of the cat family बिल्ली के समान catlike, cattish
58Pantingbreathing heavily दम घुटना throttle, choke, stifle
59Ghastlycausing horror and fear भयंकर रूप से terrible, frightful, horrible
60Grinnedsmiled broadly मुसकुराना chuckled, laughed, simpered
61Spineback boneरीढ़ की हड्डी pedestal, dado, verso
62Haunted placevisited by ghosts प्रेतवाधित स्थान ghost house, house of horror.