Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 10 : Kathmandu

1 Proclaimsmake known publicly or officiallyघोषणा करनाdeclare, promulgate, announce
2Febrile confusionhurried activityमलबे का भ्रमcomplete chaos, delirium, frenzy.
3Saffron - clad westerners foreigners dressed as sadhusविदेशियों ने साधुओं के रूप में कपड़े पहने…………….
4Corpsedead body लाशcarrion, cadaver, stiff
5Wilteddry and withered मुरझाया हुआ droop, sag, shrivel
6Shrinea place of worship पवित्र स्थान sanctuary, pagoda, fane
7Protrudescomes outनिकालनाenucleate, empty, inarm
8Immigrantsa person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.आप्रवासियोंnon-native, foreigner, outsider
9Havena safe placeशरणrefuge, shelter, hideaway,
10 Deitiesgods and goddessesदेवताओंimmortal, creator, demiurge
11Cows lowthe ‘moo’ sound made by cowsगायों की आवाज…………….
12Marzipan a sweet made with grated almondsबादाम की मिठाईapple pie, banana split, caramel
13Brazier open stoveअंगीठीcanister, scuttle, vat.
14Wash downto drink something after a meal to digest itपीनाtaste, inhale
15Nauseatingsickeningवमनकारीanacathartic, Emetic
16Propelleddrive or push something forwardचालितmoved, incited, motivated,
17Per seby itselfदर असलessentially, virtually, factually
18Meditativelythoughtfullyध्यानपूर्वकcontemplative, melancholy, pensive
19Offhandedcasual; not showing much interest in somethingतुरत-फुरत शेर कहा हुआindifferent, careless, uninterested
20Fingeringway of placing the fingers to play different notesस्पर्शtouch, contact, tig
21Compasshere, rangeदिशा सूचक यंत्रperiphery, Circumference, Epicycle
22Enjoytake pleasure inआनंद लेंrevel, delight, relish
23Cheapnot costlyसस्ताinexpensive, uncostly, threepenny
24Signnoticeसंकेत indication, hint, clue
25Entranceplace for entryप्रवेश admission, penetration, access
26Atmosphereenvironmentवातावरणaerosphere, climate
27Roamwanderइधर-उधर भटकनाmeander, prowl, ramble.
28Priestclergymanपुजारीadorer, pontiff, worshipper
29Motive forcethe power behindप्रेरक बलpower source, initial force.
30Royalkinglyशाही aristocratical, majestical
31Claddressed inकपड़े पहने हुएclothed, costumed, wearing
32Screamingcryingचिल्लाblare, roar, shout.
33Crematedburntअंतिम संस्कारincinerate, scorch, incremate.
34Offerings giftsप्रसादcontribution, donation, benefaction
35Vividclearसुस्पष्टglaring, palpable, conspicious
36Mercenarybusiness mindedव्यावसायिक दिमागmoney-oriented, grasping, acquisitive
37Utensilspotsबर्तनdishes, apparatus, knife
38Antiquesrelicsप्राचीन heirloom, treasure, curio
39Blare outsing loudly जोर से गाओ shout, shriek, toot.
40Straywandering भटका हुआ diffuse, unpicked, unplaced
41Vendorshawkers विक्रेता salesman, dealer, monger
42Waresthings for sale माल cargo, stock, property
43Roastedbaked भुना हुआ grill, spit-roast, broil
44Pavementside of the road फुटपाथfootpath, pedestrian way, walkway
45Rubbedbuffedचमकदार करना knead, stroke, pat
46Enthusiamzeal उत्साह prompting, zeal, rapture
47Homesickyearning for home घर के बाहर रहने से खिन्न wistful, hankering, heartsick.
48Quillslong thorns मोड़ना recurve, turn, divert
49Occasionalyfrom time to time कभी कभी sometimes, infrequently, rare
50Reeda type of wood सरकंडा stick, nib, quill.
51Drawnattractedअनिर्णीत undecided, unresolved, non committal
52Specificspecial विशिष्ट particular, specified, certain
53Mankindhumanity मानवता people, human beings