Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 5 : The Happy Prince

1 Gildedto covered with something, coating of something सोने का पानी चढ़ा हुआ whitewashed, aureate, festooned
2Alighteddescended घबराया हुआ exit, detrain, deplane
3Appreciateto praise someone सराहना hymn, eulogize, belaud
4Coarserough खुरदरा knobby, rugged, scabrous
5Curiousstrangeअजीब funny, Eerie, miraculous
6Dartedpushed himself inside एकाएक आ पड़ना bound, flash, fling.
7Drenchedsoaked with water तरबतर होनाsubmerge, inundate, flood
8Faintweak कमज़ोर feeble, diminutive, pale
9Foundryworkshop for casting metalsफाउंड्री sawmill, brickworks, steelworks
10Furnaceis a fire place where metal is melted भट्टी grate, hearth, stove
11Garretsmall dark room at the top of the house छत का कमरा attic, loft, mansard
12Harbor sea port बंदरगाहdock, haven, marina
13Mastsail of the ship जहाज का पाल spar, boom, yard
14Miserysadnessदुःखsorrow, pain, trouble
15Overseersupervisorअधिदर्शकsupervisor, foreman, chargehand
16Pedestalraised platform बैठक meeting, session, lounge
17Pomegranate a fruit अनार….............
18Proclamationorder, rule घोषणा announcement, declaration
19Prospectthought of something आशा hope, expectation, promise
20Sankdrown but here it means the boy in going to sleep डूबना plunge, submerge
21Seamstressa woman who makes a living by sewing. दरजिन tailoress, dressmaker, needleworker
22Shabbyuntidy दरिद्र poor, scaly, penniless
23Steeplehigh tower of the churchघंटाघरbelfry, campanile
24Swallowa tiny bird अबाबील……………….
25Swoopedfly very lowएकाएक टूट पड़ना dive, descend, sweep
26Sword hiltthe handle of the sword तलवार का झुकाव edge, fundament, haft.
27Tossingturning left and right हिलाना tumble, jerk, twitch
28Violetkind of flower एक प्रकार का फूल mauve, lavender, lilac
29Witheredworn outमुरझाया हुआ wilt, droop, fade
30Picked outremoveबाहर निकालनाextrude, drag out, show out
31Towera tall structureमीनारsteeple, spire, pillar
32Angelmessenger from godदेवदूतsaint, gem, treasure
33Sculpturedcarvedमूर्तिकला chisel, model, fashion
34Feverishlyrestlessly दृढ़ता से passionately, wildly, erratically.
35Delicious Slumbersweet sleep स्वादिष्ट काठ palatable, savory, dainty
36Actiondeed क्रिया steps, measures, activity
37Crisphard स्फूर्तिदायक friable, rigid
38Rareseldom दुर्लभ infrequent, scarce, sparse
39Vesselutensil पतीला dishes, container, pan
40Jewelprecious stone गहना gemstone, cabochon, rock
41Determineto decide तय करना negotiate, sort out, compose
42Crumbpiece of bread टुकड़ा grain, trace, tinge