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Class 7 Determiners Exercise

Question 1) Arrange the words in order to form correct sentences and underline the determiners. One has been done for you.
  • children/the/both/go/bus/by/to school (Both the children go to school by bus.)
  • two/we/more/need/to/win/goals
  • grandmother/my/every/visit/I/second/Saturday
  • twice/the/cookies/I/have/number/of/you/have/eaten
  • met/all/I/at/party/my/the/friends
  • half/have/I/the/assignment/finished
  • capital/Port Blair/the/Andaman and Nicobar Islands/is/of/the
  • two/planted/rose bushes/wall/along/the/were
  • were/a few/bank/at/people/the
  • house/uncle/your/live/which/in/did