Class 4 Articles Exercises

Question 1) Fill in the blanks with a, an or the.
  1. Sam has __________rabbit and __________dog. __________rabbit is called Snowy and _________ dog is called Sunny.
  2.  __________earth revolves __________sun. __________moon revolves around __________ earth.
  3. We saw __________panda video last night. _______ panda was playing on _________ slide. It is ________ animal loved by everyone. 
  4. Anna met with ________ accident recently. She was taken to __________ hospital at the end of the street in ______ ambulance. _______ accident has left her in a state of shock.
  5. I bought _________new sweater. She said _____orange sweater Grandmother made was much better
Question 2) Complete the sentence with a, an, or the.
  1. ________ White House is a famous building in ________United States of America.
  2. ________Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in _________world.
  3. I read _______ article about ________ Taj Mahal in _________ Times of India yesterday.
  4. _________ ankle injury forced ________ army officer to retire from his job.
  5. Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on _________ Moon. He was ____________ American.
  6. We are having dinner with _________ Smiths tonight. They will talk about their recent cruise down __________ Nile river.