Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 7 : The Last Leaf

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1Pneumoniaa disease caused due to the infection of the lungsफेफड़ों की सूजनcongestion of lung, septicemia, bronchitis
2Gazinglookingएकटक देखनाgaze, stare, gloat
3Feebleweakकमजोरcobwebbed, ectomorph, Feeble
4Janitora person whose job is to look after a buildingद्वारपालdoorman, commissionaire, gate keeper
5Autumnthe third season of the yearशरद ऋतुfall, fall of the leaves, Indian summer
6Ivy creeper that which creepsसिरपेचा लताcommon ivy, ivy and climber, vine
7Storeyin one floorमंज़िलdestination, stage, halt
8Respondto make answer toप्रतिक्रिया देंimpedance, repercussion, reactance
9Whisperto speak in a very low toneफुसफुसानाmumble, maunder, sough
10Finalitythe state of being finalअन्तिम स्थितिextinction, completeness, decision
11Nonsenseabsurdनिरर्थक वचनlack of means, haver, drivel,
12Confidentin a confident mannerआत्मविश्वासguaranteed, persuaded, sure of oneself
13Bowlcupकटोराchalice, teacup, phial
14Forevertill deathसदैवrepeatedly, regularly, always
15Curtaina suspended screenपरदाsunblind, veil, veiling,
16Beggedasked humblyनिवेदन करनाpropound, court, petition
17Minerone who works in a mineखान में काम करनेवालाdigger, mine worker, getter
18Modela representationप्रतिरूपimage, doublet, duplication
19Rushed downwent downनीचे पहुंचेrun down, dash down, race down
20Masterpiecea piece of the highest workmanshipबड़ी उस्तादी का कामclassic, monument, jewel
21Remainedcontinuedरहनाstay, remain, live,
22Tiptoedon the tips of toesपैर की अंगुली को टिपcautious, creeping, sneaking
23Peeked outsquekedझांकनाlooking, have a look at, peeking
24Reluctantlyunwillinglyअनिच्छा सेgrudgingly, hesitant, shy
25Storma violent tempestआंधीdust storm, squall, toofan
26Energeticallywith energyस्फूर्ति सेdynamically, explosively,firmly
27Clingingstickingचिपका हुआgummy, tacky, glutinous,
28Depresseddejectedउदास किया हुआdreary, gloomily, crest fallen,
29Gloomyduskyअंधेराunlit, somber, murk
30Huggedto embrace closelyगले लगायाsqueeze, clasp, clutch
31Soupa liquid food prepared from flesh, fish or vegetablesसूपwinnowing basket, bisk, juice
32Combeddressed hairकंघीदारgroom, untangle, disentangle
33Shiveringtremblingकंपकपाहटvibrate, palpitate, flutter
34Laddera frame with stepsसीढ़ीheirarchy, flight of stairs, tread of steps
35Lanternlampलालटेनtaillight, tail lamp, loop light
36Flutterto flap wingsफड़फड़ाहटflitter, flicker, flop
37Artista person who creates artकलाकारcreator, originator, designer
38Seriously badlyगंभीरता सेsoberly, placidly, equably,
39Worryconcernचिंता करनाdisquietness, poor or low spirits, worriment
40Conditionpositionस्थितिcircumstance, situation, circumstances
41Peacefullycalmlyशांति सेat rest, cannily, coolly
42Complainspeak out against somethingशिकायत करेंrepine, pop off, report,
43Refuseto denyइनकारinhibit, prohibit, forbid,
44Heavilyvery muchभारीsteadily, deliberately, woodenly
45Ice coldchillingबहुत ठंडाglacial, gelid, icy
46Fierceviolentभयंकर horrid, frightful, horrible
47Seemto appearदिखाई पड़नाsight,Find, appear
48Cooperateto work togetherमिलकर काम करनाcollaborate, pull together, cannot away with
49Recoverget wellस्वस्थ होनाcure, regain one's health, bounce back
50Wondersurpriseआश्चर्यgracious goodness, amazement, marvel