Word Meaning, Summary, Important Questions Of Chapter 8 The Hack Driver | Class 10

Hindi Meaning Of Difficult Words | Chapter 8 The Hack Driver

1 Barenakedखुला हुआunclothed, undressed, uncovered
2 Eagerimpatientउत्सुकavid, intent, fervent
3Admire praise, appreciateप्रशंसा extoll, compliment
4Admittedconfessस्वीकार कियाaccepted, granted, recognized
5Adventuresexploit or eventएडवेंचर्सexploit, escapade, deed
6Affectionlove and care for someoneस्नेहdearness, devotion, mash
7Agreeablepleasing, niceसहमत engaging, satisfying, fine
8Anxiousconcerned, worriedचिंतितcomfortless, easeless, vexed
9Assistantjuniorसहायकsubordinate, deputy, auxiliary
10Bargainto negotiate the price of somethingमोल तोलcovenant, treaty, entente
11Barnouthouse, shelterअनाजघरstable, mews, pound
12BeggedTo requestनिवेदन करना entreat, implore, adjure
13Black box on wheelsrefers to the horse cartपहियों पर ब्लैक बॉक्स…...........
14Chargeto costलागतexpense, price, tariff
15Cheerilyhappyखुशी सेcordially, freely, heartily.
16Concludeddraw the judgementनिष्कर्ष निकालाterminate, close, cease
17Confidencetrust, beliefविश्वास faith, credence, conviction
18Consideredthought overमानाexamine, appraise, review
19Corneredforced into a place or situationकोनोंdominate, monopolize, capture
20Creeksa stream or minor tributaryखाड़ियोंgulf, sound, firth
21Deceivingcheatingधोखा देनाhoodwink, bamboozle, skunk
22Detectiveinvestigatorजासूसीspy, piper, dick
23Diggingto tillखुदाईcultivate, harrow, plough
24Disappointedupsetनिराशfrustrated, hopeless, desperate
25Disrespectfulrude, impoliteअसभ्य intractable, rough, uncivilized
26Ditchesa drain or trenchखाइयोंmoat, chasm, gulf
27Earnestlysincerelyज़ोर देकरseriously, gravely, soberly
28Enormoushugeविशालgiant, spacious, large
29Entirelycompletelyपूरी तरह सेabsolutely, totally, fully
30Examinedto look or consider a person or placeजांच कीensue, discover, reconnoitre
31Exhausted used up, finishedथका aweary, spun, forworn
32Expectationbelief, suppositionउम्मीदhope, prospect, promise
33Fleeingrunning awayभागते हुएflit, scram, skedaddle
34Folkspeopleमित्रोंhumans, persons, individuals
35Frightenedafraid or anxiousभयभीतfearful, scared, apprehensive
36GlowedHere, it means impressedचमकता हुआglisten, brighten, shine
37Graduatingoften getting a university degreeस्नातकcategorize, rank, grade
38Greasy mealoily foodचिकना भोजनcreamy, fatty, slick.
39Hack Driverthe one drives a horse cart or hackहैक ड्राइवरcabdriver, Cabman, livery driver.
40Hangs outTo spend time doing nothing in particularहैंग आउटdally, haunt, linger.
41Hesitatedbe in two minds, stallझिझकvacillate, suspect, boggle
42Hintedsuggestसंकेत दियाinsinuate, intimate, suggest
43Huntsearch forखोजनाcast about, Explore, prospect
44Legal briefsA written legal documentकानूनी संक्षेप….........
45Lingeredwaited aroundविलंब करनाunfasten, decelerate, tarry
46Loafingspend time in idle wayआवारगीlaze, lounge, do nothing
47Magnificentglorious, majesticशानदार spectacular, stunning, illustrious
48Meadows field, pastureमीडोजpaddock, water meadow, grassland
49Ought toshouldकरना चाहिएmust, need, shall
50Owesbe in a debt/ an obligation to pay moneyबकाया bind out, be under obligation, belong
51Pasturesgrasslandचराईpaddock, croft, meadow
52Philosophyideology, beliefsदर्शनशास्रcredo, convictions, ideology
53Poker game a type of card game.पोकर खेलbingo, bridge, canasta.
54PoolroomA place to play pool, a betting shopमतदान कक्षplayroom, basement, rumpus room.
55Probablymore likelyशायदperhaps, maybe, presumably
56Proceedto beginबढ़ना come up, gain upon, get on
57Promisinghopefulआशाजनकgood, encouraging, favourable
58Pursuedchased पीछा कियेrun after, follow, hunt
59Regretto be sorryखेदgrief, gloominess, dejection
60Rejoicedhappiness, joyआनन्द किया be glad, relish, smile
61RepresentsBe appointed to act on behalf of or speak for someoneप्रतिनिधित्व करता हैspeak for, constitute, mean
62Resumedrestartफिर से शुरू begin again, start again, renew
63RetiredHere, went insideअवकाश प्राप्तemeritus, past, pensioned
64Retreatpull backपीछे हटनाdigress, retrograde, shrink
65Revealeddiscloseप्रकट apparent, visible, evident
66Scarcelyhardlyशायद हीheavily, scarce, inchmeal
67Seizedgrabbed, snatchedजब्तgrasp, grip, clutch
68Serveto issueसेवा करattend, wait, cater
69Settledfixedस्थिर resolve, sort out, clear up
70Shadowy dark, dimछायादारumbrageous, bowery
71Shamefuldisgracefulशर्मनाकdisgraceful, scandal
72Sick offed upसे तंग आ गयाtired, weary, dulled.
73Slippedslidedफिसल गयाslither, glide, fall over
74StableA place where horse is tied upस्थिर static, stationary, constant
75Strengthenedgave strengthमजबूत reinforce, buttress, brace
76Summonscourt orderनोटिसsubpoena, warrant, arraignment
77Suspiciousdoubtfulसंदेहजनक dubious, implausible, Inexplicit
78Swedea native or inhabitant of Sweden, or a person of Swedish descent. स्वीडिश जहाज़…........
79Talentqualityप्रतिभाgenius, brilliance, dowry
80Terrorfrightआतंकpanic, consternation, dread
81Unpleasant horribleअप्रियabominable, gritty, unpopular
82Victimspreysपीड़ितsufferer, casualty, fatality
83Warmthwarmth of friendliness गर्मजोशीheat, cosiness, snugness
84Whisperedmurmuredफुसफुसाएmutter, breathe, purr
85Witnessviewer, observerगवाहobserver, onlooker, looker-on

About The Poet | Chapter 8 The Hack Driver


‘The Hack Driver’ is a story about a man named Oliver Lutkins. He was the only witness in a case but he ignored all the requests for appearing. Then a young lawyer went to New Mullion in search of Lutkins. There he met a noble and generous man, the hack driver. The driver took him around the village in search of Lutkins but was unable to find him. Later on, the lawyer came to know that the hack (cart) driver was Oliver Lutkins himself. The young lawyer became a laughing stock of all.

Short Summary Of Chapter 8 The Hack Driver In English

SUMMARY The story is about a junior assistant clerk in a big law firm. He was on a training period, which didn’t like as he had never given any real work of a lawyer. He was asked to summons to a man, called Oliver Lutkins, rather than preparing legal briefing.

Oliver Lutkins was the only witness in a law case. On arriving at the railway station, the narrator met a delivery man named Bill. He was a hack driver and willing to help him in searching of Lutkin. On the way to visit the village, hack driver talked with the narrator and said that Lutkin never returned the money he borrowed from village people. They went to Fritz’s shop where Lutkin played poker and from there to a barber and then a poolroom. But, they were not able to find Lutkins.

In the afternoon, the narrator was feeling hungry so, they went to the hack driver’s home for lunch and for which he paid half dollar.

At last, they went to Oliver farmyard. There they met Oliver’s mother. When she heard that a lawyer was coming to serve summon on her son, she took out an iron rod from stove and threatened them to burn them by that. They were afraid of her, but still they searched all around, but could not find Lutkin anywhere. His mother laughed at both of them. The narrator came back to his city. On the way going back, he got to know from his companion that the hack driver himself was Lutkins. And he was thinking that he had to complete homework, before serving summon to a man like Lutkins.



“The Hack Driver” is the title of the story where a driver cheated a man. Basically, this story revolves around two personalities, Oliver Lutkins (hack driver) and a lawyer. The hack driver was a clever man. He easily impressed lawyer with his words that he knew Lutkins. He also added that Lutkins borrowed money from village people and never returned them. He visited the whole village with the lawyer in search of Lutkins and at last, the lawyer got to know that the Hack Driver himself was Lutkins.



The lesson talks about a character who was duped. He should have been careful and should not have taken his work for granted. The world is full of fraudulent and imposters. He was easily tricked and fooled by villagers, where he had least doubts. He wasn’t cheated personally even financially as well. He spent his day roaming around with a trickster who turned out to be the same at the end. Not only he was tricked but was also humiliated also. Thus one has to keep his eyes open so that he won’t fall and minimize himself to be a joker.



A young lawyer went to a village to serve summon on Oliver Lutkins. He met Bill who fooled him and made him believe that he was helping him. He took him at various places in search of Lutkins and everywhere he pretended that Lutkins has just left that place. Convinced himself that someone tried to help him but failed. But when he reached the village again, he was shocked to learn that the man was Lutkins himself. One can learn that a well read lawyer can be duped if he becomes careless or dependent. Cautious moves could have saved the lawyer time and money.



  1. Oliver Lutkins

He was a fat man of forty years. He was a friendly man. His working clothes were dirty and well-worn. He met the narrator and convinced that he would be a great help to him. He was paid for the time he would spend in search of Lutkins. He attended the narrator well. He was hospitable and considerate to him. However, he was befooling the narrator and made fun of him. When he visited him again to serve him summon. He mocked at him. He extracted money. He even lied about his mother.


  1. The narrator

The narrator is definitely a romantic idealist. He is fresher from a law school. He wants to solve a real case. But, as a part of training, he is sent to serve summons. He finds it difficult to understand. He simply dislikes his job as he has to go to all dirty places. Further, he has a very romantic view of the country. He believes that villages are all pure and peaceful. There is no ugliness of the city in them. He also thinks that villagers are very honest and decent people. He has a habit of trusting people blindly. He believes in whatever someone says. In fact, he is very gullible. Later on, he realizes that a village can also be ugly. He also experiences that villagers are not always simple and honest.



Summons-legal call from court;

Serve- deliver;

Honors- specialization;


Briefs- short notes;

Seek out-to find out;

Revealed- showed;

Fleeing-running away;

Rejoiced-was glad.



Bare off-without;

Agreeable- pleasant;


Well worn-much used;

Poker-a game of card;


Hangs out-roams;

Suspicious- doubtful;

Refused- denied;

Settled- decided:

Earnestly- seriously:

Deceiving- heating;

Admire- to praise:

Regret-feel sorry:


Hiding-trying hide;

Admitted- accepted:

Lingered-lagged behind;

Swede- a citizen of Sweden;

Concluded- made out;

Exhausted- consumed till the end;

Pursued- followed;

Entirely- completely,

Brotherly- of a brother,


Wisdom- intelligence;

Pastures- grassland;

Creek- a small stream:

Debt-borrowed money;


Adventures-risky works;


Strengthened- made me strong:

Resumed- took up again;

Sighed- took a deep breath:

Chasing- following:

Swearing- oath taking:

Farmyard- compound of a farm:

Enormous- huge;

Carter- driver,

Seized- took hold;


Peering in-looking through;

Barn- store house for crop:

Considered- thought;

Beyond- out of limit;

Treasure- wealth;

Loafing- wandering,

Prevent- stop:

Strangely- oddly;

Quarrelling- fighting:




Answer the following questions:

  1. Why is the lawyer sent to New Mullion? What does he first think about the place?

Ans. The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve summon to a man who was needed as witness in a law case, named Oliver Lutkins. He had expected the place to be a sweet and simple country village.


  1. Who befriends him? Where does he take him?

Ans. The lawyer was befriended by a man named Bill He told him that he would help him to find out Lutkins. He took him to the entire place where Lutkins was expected. However, Oliver Lutkins was not found anywhere as he was himself was Oliver Lutkins.


  1. With whom the narrator meets first when he went to New Mullion? Where did he take him?

Ans. The narrator meets a hack driver when he went New Mullion to find. Lutkins against whom he had a summon. They went to Beneke , Gustaff’s barber’s shop and finally to Lutkins house. The hack driver and the lawyer visited the whole village in search of Lutkins. At last, the lawyer found that the hack driver was the real Lutkins.


  1. Who was Oliver Lutkins? What did he do to fool the young lawyer?

Ans. Oliver Lutkins was the prime witness in a law case from New Mullion town. He fooled the lawyer who was sent to his town to serve the summon. Befriending him as a hack driver who was willing to help him, they visited the whole town but they were unable to find Lutkins.


  1. Give a character sketch of Lutkin’s mother.

Ans. Lutkin’s mother was nine feet tall and four feet thick She was quick as a cat. She could talk a lot. She was like a terror. She was living in a poor farmyard and she was brave too.


  1. With what impression did the lawyer come back to the city?

Ans. The lawyer was greatly impressed by the behavior of the hack driver, Bill and his helping attitude towards his problem. Oblivious to the identity of the hack driver as Lutkins himself, he presumed the hospitality offered to him as the general attitude of the country folk. He liked the simplicity and forthcoming behavior of Bill. He set in his mind to settle at New Mullion.


  1. Why did the narrator feel unpleasant while going through thz training period?

Ans.The narrator was a junior assistant clerk and during the training period, he was sent to dirty village to serve summon to a man, named Oliver Lutkins. That’s why he was feeling unpleasant.


  1. Why was the lawyer sent to New Mullion?

Ans. The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve summon to a man called Oliver Lutkins, who was the prime witness in a case. Because Oliver Lutkins didn’t respond to letters which court had sent earlier.


  1. When the lawyer arrives at the railway station, what made him glad?

Ans. The narrator was glad, on reaching the railway station. As he found a man willing to help him. He also helped him to find out the hack driver with whom he could go to the Lutkins place.


  1. What did the hack driver charge the narrator?

Ans. The hack driver charged two dollars an hour for his work. He also added money for further increase in the hours as well as for the food he offered from his home.


  1. Who was Lutkins? Did the narrator serve the summons on that day?

Ans. Oliver Lutkins was a middle aged man who was the prime witness of a case. He was a very clever man and he tricked the narrator. The narrator came to the village to serve summon to Lutkins. He cleverly made the narrator fool and the narrator could not serve summon that day.


  1. List out the place where the narrator and the hack driver visited to find out Lutkins.

Ans. They went to Fritz’s shop from where they went to Gustaff’s barber shop. There he was told that Lutkins could be at Gray’s barber shop. Then they went to three miles north, his mother’s farm. It was the last place they visited.


  1. Who was the hack driver? Describe the incident which hurt the feeling of the narrator.

Ans. The hack driver was Oliver Lutkins himself. When both of them went to Lutkin’s mother farm house, she treated them disrespectfully. She laughed at him which really hurt the feeling of the narrator.


  1. How can you say that the narrator’s work was unpleasant?

Ans. The narrator’s work was unpleasant. He had to go to all sorts of unhygienic and dangerous places, so as to serve summons to different people. He was also afraid of people as they could beat him for his work.


  1. Give a pen sketch of hack driver.

Ans. The hack driver looked to be about forty years in age. He wore dirty and worn out clothes. He had red face. He was cheerful and generous man.


  1. The hack driver offer to help the lawyer in finding out Lutkin. Why?

Ans. The hack driver was none other than Oliver Lutkins himself. He pretended to be a hack driver because he didn’t want to take summon and to go as a witness. He helped the lawyer to find out Lutkins as he could not come to know about him from other persons.


  1. But he was no more dishonest than I’. Explain.

Ans. The narrator meant to say that the hack driver was as dishonest as him because he was getting paid for riding the narrator on his cart on the pretense of helping him. He was dishonest as he didn’t inquire thoroughly from nearby place and blindly trusted a man.


  1. Write any two things which the narrator liked the most about Bill.

Ans. Firstly he liked Bill’s cheerful and helpful behavior. He also liked his altitude towards him. Secondly he liked him for his simplicity and philosophical wisdom.


  1. How did the narrator get to know that Lutkins was the hack driver?

Ans. When the narrator’s companion went there with Lutkins, looking far the hack driver, he pointed out that the hack driver was Lutkin himself. Both Lutkins: and his mother were laughing at the narrator. He felt guilty for himself.


  1. What did the hack driver tell the narrator about Lutkins’ mother?

Ans. According to the hack driver, Lutkins’ mother was a real terror. He also said that she was quick as a cat. She was a dangerous lady. And actually she frightened them using a hot iron rod.



Answer the following questions:


  1. Write the character sketch of the hack driver.

Ans. Oliver Lutkins, ‘the Hack Driver’ comes across as a clever person who has little consideration for others and exploits their gullibility to his convenience. He cheats the lawyer on the pretext of helping him in locating Lutkins and thereby extracts money from him in an unfair manner. The fact that he laughs at him the following day when lawyer delivers the summon, shows that he lacks consideration and don’t repent his action. He seems to have little respect for law as he has disobeyed the earlier summons. But the narrator also depicts him as a person with a sense of humor that one almost forgives his tricks as a practical joke.


  1. How did the narrator get to know about Bill’s reality?

Ans. Bill was a witness in a case. The narrator was sent by his firm to serve summons to Lutkins at New Mullion. The narrator could not identify him as he had never met him before. The fun-loving Lutkins took advantage of the narrator’s ignorance and befooled him. He introduced himself as Bill and offered him find Lutkins. He took him all around the village but with no success. Satisfied with Bill’s help, the narrator returned without serving the summon.

Next morning he visited again New Mullions with a man who knew Lutkins by face. At the station the lawyer saw Bill talking to Lutkins’ mother in a friendly manner. The lawyer was surprised to know from his companion that Bill was no other man than Lutkins himself.


  1. Why do you think Lutkins’ neighbors were anxious to meet the lawyer?

Ans. The lawyer was sent to serve summon to Lutkins at New Mullion. Bill had befooled the lawyer by taking him all over the village and posing that he was helping him in his search of Lutkins. The villagers knew the reality that he was having fun and befooling the lawyer by not revealing his real identity. They also joined him in the fun as they were part of their meeting.

The lawyer was described as an innocent boy who was easily duped and the whole village had enjoyed it. Lutkins neighbors were the only one who has missed seeing the lawyer the previous day. So they were anxious to see him.


  1. How did the hack driver reveal Lutkins?

Ans. Reaching New Mullion, the narrator happened to meet the hack driver. The narrator asked about Lutkins. Bill presented himself to assist him. But he was Lutkins himself.

The hack driver painted the negative image of Lutkins. He said that Lutkins was very popular among his fellow villagers. He was a careless, dishonest wanderer and could be seen here, there, everywhere. He was always upto one thing or the other. He was fond of playing poker at Fritz’s shop. He owed money to several people. He was not really bad but it was hard to recover money from him.


  1. Describe the narrator’s first visit to New Mullion?

Ans. The narrator came to New Mullion to serve summons to Lutkins. At the station he met a cheerful agreeable hack driver who was Lutkins himself. The fun-loving Lutkins, introduced himself as Bill, the hack driver. He offered the author to help him in finding Lutkins, whereas he had no intention to help him out as he was Lutkins himself. He took him all over the village but with no success. He entertained the narrator with his lucid description of the village folk, charged him two dollars per hour and half a dollar for food. The narrator returned to the city without serving the summons but he was happy. He was impressed by the warm affection, kind and helpful nature of Bill and his present job. He had made up his mind to settle in New Mullion.



  1. What work did the narrator do in the law firm?
  2. Why was the narrator sent to New Mullion?
  3. How did Lutkins receive the narrator?
  4. The narrator really enjoyed the company of the hack driver. Justify the statement.
  5. Persons like Lutkins are present everywhere in your society. What precautions should you take to protect yourself from them?

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