Class 5 Sentences Exercise

Question 1) Rearrange the following group of words to make meaningful sentence.
  1. rate/ the /of/ is /the/ increase/ in/ very/ population/high

  2. wanted/ to / she/ serve/ always/ sick/ the/ the/ and/ patients 

  3. pollution/ our/ environment/ makes/ surroundings/ dirty

  4. must/ family/ be / the/ programs/ made/ planning/ successful

  5. days/ spent/ Nightingale/ her/ her/ in/ England/ in/ parent’s house

  6. decades/ the/ after/ good/ sewing/ looking/ machine/ is/ even

  7. vast/ is / India/ a / country

  8. world/ is/ Asia/ largest / the/ in/ the/continent

  9. always/ good/ others/ be / to

  10. surrounded/ Mumbai/ the/ is/with/sea