Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 9 : The Bond of Love

1Pantingtaking short, quick breathsहाँपना throttle, choke, stifle
2Wantonlyfor no good reason मनमौजीपन से publicly, simply, willingly.
3Prostratelying on the ground facing downwards पांव पर गिरा हुआ sprawling, horizontal, recumbent
4Scooted ran away भागना shirk, dash, skedaddle
5Scruff of the necktake hold of the back of the neck or collar suddenly and roughly गर्दन का फड़कना isthmus, Nape, strait.
6Christened itnamed it क्राइस्ट कियाasperse, bless, denominate
7Condimentsspices मसालों gravy, salt, sauce.
8Relishgreat enjoyment मजाcondiment, accompaniment, sauce
9Flounderingstruggling to move लड़खड़ाना stumble, wallow, flummox.
10Heavingtaking deep breaths साँस लेना inhale, heave, respire
11Gapingwide open भारी cavernous, yawning, wide
12preservedmaintained संरक्षित conserve, protect, safeguard
13Squealsscreamsचीख shriek, roar, bellow
14Antidotea medicine taken or given to counteract a particular poison विषहर औषध antitoxin, antiserum, cure
15Stertorousnoisy घरघराहट asthmatic, blown, choking.
16Disdainfully disapprovingly तिरस्कार obnoxiously, fulsomely, hatefully
17The sumpthe base of an internal combustion engine, which serves as a reservoir of oil for the lubrication system गांठ cesspool, septic system, sewer.
18Studebakeran old American car एक पुरानी अमेरिकी कार……………
19Concealedhidden गुप्त lurking, cryptic, hidden, under the rose
20Fretting not relaxed क्षोभकworried, unhappy
21Curatorhere, a person in charge of the zooसंग्रहाध्यक्षguard, saver, Defensive
22Restrainstop रोकना clog, inhibit, prevent
23Conjecturedformed an opinion by guessing अनुमान लगाया speculate, surmise, infer
24Hoistedraised by means of ropes or pulleys फहराया pull up, upraise, uplift
25Accomplishedcompleted पूरा किया versed, perfect, Efficient
26Squad team समूह group, cluster, set
27Gnarledrugged ऐंठा हुआtwisted, skittish, unyielding
28Bondsomething that unites बंधन restriction, truss, nexus
29Companionsfriends साथीpartner, escort, consort
30Promptlyon the spot तत्काल immediately, Instantly, At once
31Grabcatch पकड़ लेनाCapture, arrest, get at
32Scratchmake bruises with claws खरोंचscuff, scrape, graze
33Gunny bags jute sacks गुनी थैलियाँ sacking, wrapping.
34Delightedhappy प्रसन्नglad, rapt, absorbed
35Porridgeporridgeदलिया gruel, daliya, burgoo
36Ingredientsparts of some mixture preparation सामग्री fixing, innards, integral.
37Porkmeat of pigसुअर का मांसrasher, sowbelly.
38Aerated watersoda water सोडा वाटर seltzer, gazogene
39Alcoholic liquorcontains alcoholमादक शराबaqua vitae, booze, hard liquor
40Attachedintimateजुड़ा हुआfitted, included, combined
41Tenantslodgersकिरायेदारोंrenter, roomer.
42Befellhappened to घटित होना wend, pass, drawl
43Paralysisloss of power to move पक्षाघात bias, favoritism, partiality
44Feverishexcited बेताब impatient, restless, uneasy
45Symptoms signsलक्षण manifestation, indication, mark
46Treatmentcure इलाज medication, remedy, healing
47Syringedevice for giving injections सिरिंज needle, aiguille
48Dashrush भागना shirk, run off, scoot
49Flankssidesदिशाdirection, quarter
50Inroadsattack आक्रमण raid, paroxysm, penetration
51Vigorouslyenergeticallyज़ोरों के साथvigorously
52Tackledfacedघेरने की कोशिश की launch, begin, turn-to
53 Consentedagreedसहमति दे दी हैallow, sanction, approve
54Pettedfondled दूलारना stroke, caress, pat
55Pitditch गड्ढा delve, chamfer, hollow