Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 1 : The Fun They Had

1Crinklywith many folds or lines, something that is crushed.झुर्रीदारwrinkled, crumpled, rumpled
2Attica space just below the roof, used as a storeroomअटारीloft, roof space, garret
3Scornful show your dislike for somethingतिरस्कारपूर्णsardonic, reproachful, contemptuous
4Slota given space, time or positionनिर्धारित समयaperture, slit, crack
5Geared (to)adjusted to a particular standard or levelगियरadapt, adjust, fit.
6Blanked outit has been erasedपूरी तरह से ढकनाabandoned, buried, lapsed.
7Loftily in a superior wayउदात्त रूप सेgrandly, heroically, high-mindedly
8Regularhere, normal; of the usual kindनियमितsteady, stated, well-ordered
9Disputedisagree with when you are opposing something,विवादcontroversy, contention, brawl
10Nonchalantlynot showing much interest or enthusiasm; carelesslyउदासीन.offhand, unconcerned, unruffled.
11Existto be in beingमौजूदhappen, lie, consist
12Virtualrealवास्तविकactual, genuine, original
13Imaginesuppose, thinkकल्पना करनाenvision, speculate, figure
14Awfullyterriblyभय से frightfully, dreadfully, fearfully
15Waste uselessबेकारworthless, gimcracky, hooey
16Guessassumeअनुमानconjecture, presumption, inference
17Millionten lakhsदस लाख…………
18Telebooksbooks on televisions screenटेलीबुक…………
19Geographystudy about earth and its objectsभूगोलearth science, geology, topography.
20Worsenot betterऔर भी बुराsubstandard, poor, inferior
21Punch codea number with some holeपंच कोड………..
22Faultproblemदोषblame, defect, flaw
23Patterndesignप्रतिरूपcounterpart, spcimen, system
24Disappointedunhappyनिराशfrustrated, hopeless, desperate
25Sectorpartक्षेत्र, विभागdepartment, division, partition
26Stupidfoolबेवकूफsilly, unwise, dumb
27Betchato make a betएक शर्त लगाने के लिएbet you
28Screamedcried loudlyचिल्लायाblare, holler, roar.
29Kidssmall children बच्चा baby, tad, infant
30Adjustedto make setसमायोजितmodify, alter, regulate
31FunnyinterestingमजेदारEerie, curious, miraculous
32Probablypossiblyसंभवतया doubtless, perhaps, apparently
33Tuckedto fold, to put टक कर दिया push, ease, insert
34Beneathunder नीचे down, below
35Exceptexcluding के अतिरिक्त besides, barring, forbid
36Lit uplighted जलाया fire, flash, highlight.
37Arithmetica subject which provides the study of numbersअंकगणित………..
38Insertput रखना keep, lay, maintain
39Flashingshining चमकता flare, blaze, glare