Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 10 : The Beggar

1CopecksRussian coin equal to one hundredth of a roubleएक रूबल के सौवें के बराबर सिक्काkopeck, Russian monetary unit, rouble
2Intriguesmake secret plans to do something illicit or detrimental to someoneसाज़िशेंcabal, plot, intrigues
3Calumnythe making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage his/her reputationझूठा अभियोग attack, twit, calumny, arraignment
4Supplianta person making a humble plea to someone in power or authorityबिनती करनेवालाbeseeching, suppliant, pleading
5Mendicantbeggarभिक्षुकmendicant, almsman, pauper
6Obliged tocompelled, forcedमज़बूरindebted, pledged, required
7Disgusta feeling of revulsion or strong disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensiveघृणाdisgust, aversion, scorn
8Swindlingcheating a person of moneyठगनाdeception, deceit, fraud
9Fictionfalsehoodमिथ्या कथाfib, illusion, untruth
10Hastened walked hurriedlyजल्दी करनाhurry, rush, hie
11Perplexitystate of being puzzled; bewildermentहैरानीbewilderment, perplexity, daze
12Irresolutelyhesitantly; undecidedlyअथक रूप सेnervous, weak, vacillating
13Gaitwalkचालmovement, ruse, demeanor
14Inclinationinterestइच्छा inclination, intent, readiness
15Toilhard workपरिश्रमassiduousness, onerousness, painstaking
16Wrathfullywith hatredनाराजगी के साथfurious, heated, incensed
17Shoved him aside pushed himउसे एक तरफ भेज दियाavoid, deter, foil
18Billethere, a thick piece of woodलकड़ी का कुंदाchock, billet, chump, clog
19Feebly weaklyनिर्बलता सेimpotently, incapably, powerlessly
20Menial labouran unskilled, inferior jobसेवकlabor, backbreaker, chore
21Waifa homeless personगृहहीन houseless, unsheltered, waif
22Shovelremove snow with a shovelफावड़ाspade, scoop, peel
23Haulingtransportingढोनाput across, ship
24Pretenceto show something which actually does not existढोंग करनाacting, fake, dissemble
25Jeered at him made fun of himमज़ाक उड़ानाlaugh, ridicule, mock
26Timidly in a shy or nervous wayसंकोचशीलbashful, diffident, nervous
27Godsona boy or a man whom one promises to bring upधर्म-पुत्रgodparent, goddaughter,godmother
28Roastinghere, scoldingबरस रहीsweltering, scorching, blistering
29Sota habitual drunkardएक आदतन शराबीwino, alcoholic, boozer
30Swearto take oathशपथ लेनाsway, davy take one's, sacre
31Victima person who suffersशिकार prey, quarry, kill,
32Advocatelawyerवकीलbarrister, pleader, vakil
33Offerproposalप्रस्तावresolution, proposition, offering
34Circumstancesituationपरिस्थिति case, circumstances, condition
35Expelto send awayनिकाल देनाdepose, unclasp, unfetter
36Mumbleto murmurगुनगुनानाbubble, mump, mutter
37Flushred with angerलालिमाredness, blush, flush
38Choira group of singersगायकों का एक समूहsingers, chorus, chorale
39Woodcuttera person who cuts down trees for fuelलकड़हाराwoodsman, lumberjack, logger
40Rubto wipeसाफ़ करनाswill, scour, pare,
41Obviousclearस्पष्टevident, manifest, Definite
42Elbowthe joint between the forearm and the upper armकोहनीbend, inflection, quirk
43Pseudofakeमिथ्याmendacious, fallacious, spurious
44Scoldrebukeगालीswearword, scolding, rebuke
45Tapgentle blowनलhydrant, spout, tube
46Cautiouslycarefullyचौकसी सेcannily, guardedly, circumspectively
47Spoiledcoddledलाड़ प्यार से बिगाड़ा हुआspoilt, spoon-fed
48Announceto speak publiclyकी घोषणा कीpublicize, proclaim, pronounce
49Shovelhard tool for lifting loose materialफावड़ाcolter, dib, knife coulter
50Haulto pullखींचनाdrag, lug, distil
51Soberseriousगंभीरgrave, solemn, deep
52Gloomysadउदासsorrowful, melancholic, heartbreaking
53Emmbarrassedfeeling uneasyपरेशानcare worn, addled, haggard
54Idlenessnot doing anythingआलस्यlaziness, idleness, lethargy
55Feeblenessweaknessदुर्बलताdebility, emaciation, infirmary
56Objectionthe act of protestingआपत्तिobjection, exception, demur
57Copyimitateनकलartificialness, opera-bouffe, simulacrum
58Yardopen area in houseयार्डplant, foundry, mill
59Curlyhair having curlsघुंघरालेcurled, crimped, permed
60Recogniseto detect with sensesपहचानना diagnose, diagnosticate, declare
61Protectionprotective coveringसुरक्षाconservation, keeping, rampart
62Gratefulthankfulकृतज्ञbeholden, thankful, testimonial
63Indebtedobligedऋणीappreciative, accountable, bound
64Strictlyparticularlyसख्ती सेrigidly, daurly, rigorously
65Miserablewretchedदुखितaggrieved, vexed, miserable
66Deedworkकामdoing, labor, office
67Loadingrented houseलादनाheap, stack, lade
68Inducedinspiredप्रेरित कियाget, make, prompt
69Raggedtornफाड़ डाला हुआirregular, broken, serrated
70Fawnyoung one of deerहिरनी का बच्चाsandy, oatmeal, wheaten
71Taken abackamazedअचंभे में डाला हुआtaken aback, flabbergasted
72Creatureliving beingप्राणीanimal, being, thing, subaerial
73Chopcutकाटनाdissect, intersect, obliterate
74Scarecrowfigure to frighten away birds in a fieldडरावनाbugaboo, bugger, bugbear
75Shruggedpulled backखींचनाdraw up, magnetize, suck
76Preplexityconfusionव्यग्रताbewilderment, puzzlement, incomprehension
77Consentedagreedसहमति दीaccord, fall in, symbolize
78Trappedcaughtफंस गयाbeguile, fool, hoodwink
79Underminedweakenedदुर्बल करनाdisable, reduce, emaciate
80Slightestleastथोड़ाsmall, scrimp, inappreciable
81Glaredstaredचौंधानाglower, scowl, frown
82Bangedshut with noiseधम से बंद करनाhit, strike, beat
83Loglarge piece of wood छांटनाhash, chop, lop
84Spatspatझगड़ाsquabble, dispute, strife
85Feebly weaklyनिर्बलता से impotently, incapably, powerlessly
86Waveredshookलहरनाflicker, quiver, tremble
87Vanisheddisappearedग़ायबlost, irremeable, hidden
88Rugsmatsगलीचाrug, carpet, floorcloth
89Mattressesquilts, cushions, etcगद्दाmattress, quilt, pillow
90Shiveredtrembledसिहरनाshiver, tremble, quake
91Cartersperson driving cartsगाड़ीवालाcoachman, carter, carman
92tatteredin ragsजीर्ण - शीर्णtime-worn, well-worn, shabby
93Sealskinmade of the skin of sealजलव्याघ्र का पोस्तीनbearskin,coonskin, cowhide
94Notarynotaryलेख्य प्रमाणकscrivener,endorser,registrar
95Draggedpulledखींचनाdraw up, magnetize, suck
96Ruindestructionबर्बादdevastation, extermination, perdition
97Oppositebeforeके सामनेagainst, versus, vis-à-vis
98Strainstyleतनावexertion, voltage, tightness
99Departedwent awayप्रस्थान कियाdeceased, decedent, gone

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