Class 5 Adjectives Exercises

Question 1) Fill in the blanks by forming adjectives from the given words.
  1. Alice was ___________ to know what lay down the rabbit hole. (curiosity)

  2. The ___________ student impressed the teachers. (honesty)

  3. The bridge is only 100 meters ___________. (width)

  4. How ___________ is the rope? (length)

  5. The poor dog was so ___________ that it was unable to move. (weakness)

  6. It is ___________ to not help an ailing person. (cruelty)

  7. You should work hard if you want to be ___________. (success)

  8. It is ___________ to go out alone at night. (danger) 

Question 2) Choose the correct adjective from the brackets to complete the sentences.
  1. Sangram has only ___________ (a few/little) grains to feed the fish 

  2. There are ___________ (little/several) birds sitting on the branch.

  3. My pet dog wagged its tail when I gave it ___________ (some/little) milk to drink.

  4. ___________ (few/some) students in my class do not understand adjectives.

  5. We need ___________ (much/many) ice cubes to make ice lollies.

  6. Which of the ___________ (some/two) loaves of bread is fresh?

  7. My teacher does not like answering so ___________ (many/much) question.

  8. We didn’t buy ___________ (any/some) clothes from the supermarket.

Question 3) Fill in the blanks with the correct adjectives. Write whether they are being used as adjectives of quantity or number.
  1. I bought a ___________ jars for my kitchen. (little, few) 

  2. You have ___________ work to do.  (many, much)

  3. ___________ people are standing outside the building. (several, all) 

  4. I accidentally spilled ___________ coffee on the table. (many, some)

  5. My mother asked me to drink ___________ the milk. (few, all)

  6. My father gave me ___________ money to buy a pen drive. (several, some)

  7. In this forest, ___________ elephants can be seen moving in a herd. (many, all)

  8. Can you please count ___________ (all, few) the glasses and tell me how many there are? I think there are ___________. (seven, seventh)

Question 4) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the given adjective.
  1. I think swans are ___________ than ducks. (pretty)

  2. He will choose the ___________ students in the college for his organization. (hardworking)

  3. This was the ___________ question of all. (difficult)

  4. The journey to Spiti was a ___________ one (tough)

  5. Poachers are ___________ to animals. (cruel)

  6. Our team was ___________ than the other team. So, it won the match. (good)

  7. Can you name the ___________ city in the world? (rich) 

  8. Diamond is the ___________ of all natural substances. (hard)