Diary Entry Class 8

Sample Diary Entry

A. Friday, 28th Mar. 2014
5.00 p.m.
It has broken out again. This thoughtless violence ! Houses are being burnt; shops looted, poor men, women and children brutally murdered-all in the name of religion-in the name of God. Which God is it that wants violence, that wants his beautiful creations destroyed in so cruel a manner? I don’t know – sometimes I feel so disgusted – why don’t people realize, it is their own fellow human beings they are killing?
It seems that centuries of war and violence have not made us any wiser. We continue to be brutal, insensitive and insecure. We continue to fight for water, money and God. It’s so pathetic! God, will there be no respite from this mindless violence? How long will you go on sitting on your golden throne doing nothing about it? Have some mercy on the world. You once said, “Let there be light”. Now, please say, “Let there be peace.” Dear God, hear my prayer.

B. Let us read this page from Rishibha’s diary for 17 December, 2011

Sun, 17 December, 2014
6.00 A.M.

Today, we received our report cards for the second terminals. My marks are O.K. It is Anubha’s result that took me by surprise. It literally floored me. She scored perfect 100 in two subjects. In computer, she has missed the mark by a whisker. Her result is great.
Anubha is a friend and I rejoice at her success. But her success has filled me with a strong resolve. I have got to be at the top. I know I have it in me. I simply don’t stretch myself, and that is my weakness. However, from today on till the end of March, it is going to be nothing but studies. Movies are out and so are friendly visits. This time I’m going to keep my promise.