Free Samples For Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 4

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 4 

CBSE Board

Question 31. Write a story developing the idea further given in the outline in your own words.                                 (150-200 words)

Outline: Norman – sea beach – bathed – fished – played on the sand – time to go home – wanted to take home the sound of waves- did not know how – collected some seaweeds, pebbles and a big shell – reached home – sad – missed the sound of waves – mother saw what he had brought – smiled – put the shell to his ear – sound of the sea – Norman delighted – magic shell

Answer.                            THE MAGIC SHELL

Norman and his friends went to the sea beach. They spent the whole day bathing, fishing and playing on the sand. When it was time to go home, Norman felt very sad. He loved the sound of the waves and wanted to take it home with him. He did not know how to do it. However, he collected some seaweeds, pebbles and one big shell to remind him of the sea beach. When he reached home, he was still sad, missing the sound of the sea waves. His mother saw what all he had brought and smiled. She then asked Norman if he wanted to hear the waves. Norman was surprised when she put the shell to his ear and asked him to listen carefully. And, Norman could really hear the sound of the sea. He was delighted and believed that his shell was a magical one.


Question 32. Give your introduction and write a short story about how you wished your mother on her birthday? (150-200 words) 


I am Sheila. This year, I turned ninteen. I dressed up as Queen Victoria for a fancy dress competition. Oh! It was so much fun. My mother made me look like an old queen. She dusted powder on my hair, made a bun with my long hair and put a crown on my head.  Then I wore a long, flowing, golden gown. I actually looked like a queen. I rolled my tongue and gave a speech like the queen of England. The teacher laughed when I spoke and the judges liked me. I won the first prize.

After a few days it was my mother’s birthday. I decided to give her a surprise. The best gift in this world would be to give my mom her. But then my seventy-year-old grandma lives in Mumbai and we are in Delhi.

So, once again, I dusted my hair, made a bun, wore a Salwar Kameez and dupatta on my head. I got up at five in the morning and went to the kitchen. I made a cup of tea and took out the cake that I hid in the cupboard at night without my mother knowing about it. I called up grandma as planned. Then, I went up to Mama and kissed her. I switched on the speaker phone. Grandma sang the birthday song.

My mom got up like a baby, opened her eyes and looked around . When she saw me, her eyes filled with tears. She said, “This is the best day of my life …..My little mom” and she hugged me.

MORAL : It is so easy to make your dear ones happy. All that you need is an idea.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 4 

CBSE Board

Question 33. Write a short story about a little girl (Nonu) who encounters a fairy and get to visit fairyland.        (150-200 words) 

Answer.                    A VISIT TO FAIRYLAND

Little Nonu was going to school. She saw that her shoe laces were not tied. She sat under a tree to tie them. Suddenly, she began to fall. Nonu was scared. She looked around. She landed on a stack of hay. She closed her eyes and then opened them. A fairy Godmother was standing in front of her. She had a magic wand in her hand she said to Nonu, “Make a wish”.

Nonu gave a big smile. Then she asked for a chocolate house. The fairy waved her wand from left to right soon, Nonu was sitting inside a chocolate house. Candies gems and lollipops were hanging from its walls and doors.

Nonu plucked a candy and she heard her mother call out, “Nonu get up my dear and go to school.”

Nonu rubbed her eyes and said, “Good Morning.”

Question 34. Write a story about your close friend in your own words.                                                                             (150-200 words)

Answer.                      MY SPECIAL FRIEND

My friend, Pawan, is a seven-year-old boy. He cannot speak, so we understand each other with the help of sign language. He is able to understand what I say we study in the same class. He is very intelligent. One day Pawan was hurt. Some of our friend made fun of him .He was very sad. He made a big cross on a sheet of paper to show that he was angry.

Pawan ran home after school. I went to his house in the evening. I told him that I loved because he was a good boy .  I also told him that those boys hurt him because they were not good .They did not have a loving heart to understand him. Pawan smiled at me. One needs a beautiful mind and heart to make others happy.  

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 4 

CBSE Board

Question 35. Write a story in your own words about a small boy, Chotu who works in your colony.                            (150-200 words)

Answer.            FINDING A HOME FOR CHOTU

Chotu was a small boy. He was poor. He swept floors and washed cars in Jhilmil colony. Chotu wanted to study but had no money to go to school. He did not have parents. He lived on the streets. Big boys often hit him.

“Let’s find a home for Chotu”, Roli said to Moil. They got an idea. Their Aunt Sujatha did not have children. They went to her and told her about the poor boy. Aunt Sujatha was touched and met him. She loved the sweet boy and took him as her son. Chotu got a home and a loving mother. He was very happy.

Question 36. Write a story in your own words describing your dog and its qualities.                                                   (150-200 words)

Answer.                       BRAVE DOG TOMMY

Tommy is my dog. Yesterday, it was a holiday. I wanted to sleep. But Tommy jumped on my bed. I got up. I gave him a bath and brushed his hair. Tommy did not want to be chained. I look at him in the park. I played with him all day long. We were very happy.

An old lady was sitting on a bench in the park. A man took her purse and started to run. The old lady shouted “Help! Help! Tommy ran after the thief and caught his leg. Others in the park took the thief to the police. I gave the purse back to the old lady. She thanked me and gave a pat to Tommy.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 4 

CBSE Board


Question 37. Write a story developing the idea further given in the outline in your own words.                                 (150-200 words)

Outline: King Solomon well known for his wisdom − his fame reached the Queen of Sheba – Wanted to test his power of judgment − paid a visit – presented two identical garlands of rose – one was artificial while the other was real – asked him to identify the garlands with real flowers – King Solomon ordered his attendants to open all the windows of the courtroom – bees swarmed in from the garden and sat on the real flowers − the Queen was impressed with his presence of mind

Answer.                   A TEST FOR KING SOLOMAN

King Solomon was a benevolent and wise king. Tales of his wisdom spread far and wide to distant lands. When the queen of Sheba heard about this, she wanted to test his power of judgment. She paid a visit to King Solomon’s palace. She said,” Hail King Solomon! I bring greetings from the people of my kingdom. Here, I presented before you two garlands.” Both the garlands were identical but one was real while the other was made of artificial roses. She requested him to identify the garland made with real roses. King Solomon immediately ordered his Attendants to open all the windows of the courtroom. Many bees from the palace garden immediately swarmed in and sat on the garland of real roses. The Queen was greatly impressed and praised King Solomon for his presence of mind and good judgment.

Question 38. Write a story developing the idea further given in the outline in your own words.                                 (150-200 words)

Outline: A man had a goose which lay a golden egg every day – the man collected fourteen eggs in a fortnight – became impatient – greed overlooked his thoughts – wanted to become rich instantly − killed the goose


Rohan lived in a village and led a comfortable life. It so happened that for a fortnight, he did not have to toil hard or work tirelessly to earn a living. He had luckily found a magical goose which lay a golden egg every day. He kept this secret well-guarded from the villagers. He affectionately called it ‘Golden Goose’.

Every morning before the village folk woke up, he picked the golden egg and hid it carefully. Within a fortnight he had collected fourteen eggs. The golden goose was looked after well and guarded by him all through the day. One day, he was struck with an idea. He said to himself, “This goose lays only one egg a day. If I kill it, I can collect many eggs in one single day.” He wanted to become very rich instantly. Greed overtook his thoughts and he lost his power to think rationally. He killed the goose only to discover that there were no more eggs to be collected. He realized his mistake but it was too late to regret.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 4 

CBSE Board

Question 39. Write a story developing the idea further given in the outline in your own words.                                 (150-200 words)

Outline: An old man had three sons – he was wealthy but worried that his sons would splurge all his savings after his death – wanted to test them – gave a silver coin to each – told them to invest in a way that it would ensure a bright future and fill a room – the eldest one Hari bought sacks of cotton wool and kept it in a store – the middle one ram bought hay and kept it aside to feed the cattle for months to come – the youngest son Sohan bought a candle and lit it  in a room so that its light could fill the entire room – he also bought a book – believed that knowledge and asked him to guide his brothers on the right path

Answer.                   KNOWLEDGE IS INVALUABLE

An old man had three sons. He lived in a village and led a life of luxury with his family. However, he was worried that his sons would splurge all his wealth after he died. He wanted to test his sons and make them realize the true worth of money. He called them and gave a silver coin to each one of them. He told them to invest it in such a way that it would fill a big room and ensure a bright, secure future for them. The three sons set out on the mission.

The eldest son Hari bought sacks of cotton wool and kept it in a store. He planned to sell it when the prices rose and make a good profit. The middle one Ram bought hay to feed the cattle for months to come. The youngest son Sohan bought a candle and a book. He explained that he wanted to gain knowledge and spread it around like the lit candle which illuminated the entire room. He felt that knowledge could truly ignite minds. The old man rewarded the wisest of the three, Sohan, and asked him to guide his brothers on the right path.


Question 40. Write a story developing the idea further given in the outline in your own words.                                 (150-200 words)

Outline: Mighty king ruled Roshanpur – wanted people to be happy – no heir to be successor. In order to find an able, honest person – disguised as a beggar and sneaked out of the palace as night fell – reached a roadside pit – group of traders crossed and said that he deserved to be in a pit – a battalion of soldiers passed by and said that it was befitting for them to rescue a beggar – they performed greater deeds like protecting the borders – two farmers returning from fields said that they did not want to waste time after a hard day’s work – a group of shoppers did not want to dirty their hands or clothes and rescue the beggar – king lost hope and realized no kindness was left in people’s hearts – a small boy with a cheerful face – told the king not to worry and would soon rescue him – brought a rope – helped the king out – the boy was an orphan who slept under the peepal tree in the market – was coronated the heir prince the next day

Answer.                          THE RIGHT HEIR 

A mighty king ruled the kingdom of Roshanpur and wanted his people to be happy. He was worried because he did not have an heir to be successor. In order to find an able and honest person to rule Roshanpur after him, he disguised himself as a beggar and sneaked out of the palace as night fell. He reached a nearby market and accidently fell into a roadside pit. Soon a group of traders crossed the palace but refused to help him. They said,”oh! You deserve to be in the pit and nothing more.” A battalion of soldiers passed by and remarked, “It is not befitting for us to rescue an insignificant person like you. We do greater deeds and protect the borders of the kingdom.”Two farmers came down the road chatting away while returning from the fields. They looked at him in disgust and said, “We do not want to waste our time after a hard day’s work. You better try hard and came out of the pit.” A group of shoppers dressed in their best attire came by and heard the helpless king’s cry. One of them said, “Helping an old beggar come out of the pit will only dirty our hands and lovely clothes. Forget it!” The thirteen year old boy came by. He was shocked to see an old beggar struggling in the pit. He said, “Do not worry; I will come back with a rope. I will take you out of the pit.” The boy had a cheerful face with eyes that shone brightly. He bought a rope and lowered it into the pit. The other end was held tightly and he asked two passers- by to help him. As soon as the king rescued the boy gave him some water to drink. The king discovered that the boy was an orphan who slept under the peepal tree in the heart of the market and worked in a small shop to earn a living. The king had found his heir. He took him along to the palace and soon crowned him the prince in a glittering ceremony.

  • Two friends were passing through a dense forest. Suddenly they heard some animal screaming… Complete the story in 150-200 words.

Answer –    They froze in fear, but when the sound persisted, they decided to help the stricken beast, even at the risk of their own lives. They walked towards the direction of the sound, arming themselves with staves made from tree branches. The rest of the forest was still, and only the monkeys overhead were chattering. Imagine their surprise when the friends discovered that the agonizing sounds were the work of a little herder and his friends. They were from the village nearby and this was their form of recreation every afternoon. Imitating jungle sounds to perfection was a game they played in the afternoon.

To make amends, the boys decided to entertain their guests by imitating the chattering of monkeys, the call of the koyal, the sound of gurgling water and even the whistling of the breeze.

As the two friends turned to leave, the cowherd party regaled them with a spine chilling tiger roar. This time the friends knew better. They yelled back a friendly farewell saying: See you soon

  1. You saved your pocket money to buy one of your favourite books. You decided to read it on Sundays. But one day on your way back from school you lost the hook in your school bus and couldn’t find it. You pasted a notice on the notice hoard and finally someone returned it to you. Write a story in 150-200 words about the whole experience

Answer-                                   A LUCKY FIND

                      The money I had received on my 14th birthday, sufficed to buy the complete Harry Potter series. I started reading volume I. I carried the book to school and showed it around on the school bus. When we reached school and began asking for the book, no one owned up to having it.

I decided to put up a notice on the notice board and offered the finder a handsome treat of a double ice cream and cold drinks alongside.

On the second day, a junior from the NCC squad walked up with the hook. He had found it thrown in the bushes behind the school garden. 1 thanked the boy very much and kept my promise. My week’s pocket money was gone in treating hint. I felt a sense of relief as I put the book safely back in my school bag.

For the first time I realized what it feels to lose something that is dear to oneself.

  • …Ultimately he won it as he was determined to accomplish his mission. 

The closing of a story is given above. You can start your own story but you can’t change the end. Write the story in 150-200 words.

Answer.                     THE DETERMINED EFFORT

                   The marathon was a week away. The leg plaster had come off but I was using crutches. Since it was for a charitable cause 1 was determined to contribute to it. Friends were sympathetic and tried to dissuade me. As a rebellious teenager, I refused to follow sound advice and willed myself to take a few short steps. Oh how the pain shot through my leg! I had managed to hobble to the door. Next day, my trainer arrived to coach me and by the day of the marathon. I felt well prepared. The race took off to an uneventful start but by mid-morning, the heat was oppressive. I remained calm although the leg was beginning to hurt a bit. I realized soon the runners had picked up speed and were outracing me. I pulled my muscles taut, gritted my teeth and fought off the painful sensation in my legs. The finishing line was a blur as I remember dropping to the ground at the rope.

When I came to my senses, I could hear someone saying…”Ultimately he won it and he was determined to accomplish his mission.”

  • …Suddenly it started mining and thunder rumbled. The animals frightened by the streaks of lightning and the roar of thunder. broke loose and began to run …

Write a story in 150—200 words which can have a different beginning and end but the middle must be the same as above.

Answer-                       THE FIASCO

                   We went to the local Auchandi Fair at the Mela Grounds. There were live performances and even exhibitions of prized animals. The star attraction at the fair was a performance by a Bollywood playback singer. There was an animal show in the neighbouring stall, but the singer was still the largest crowd puller.

The weather was fine and the singer had everyone dancing to his lively numbers. Suddenly it started raining and thunder rumbled. The animals, frightened by the streaks of lightning and the roar of thunder, broke Mole and began to run wildly all over the grounds. The elephants began trumpeting; the horses galloped and trembled in fear. The music was totally drowned in this cacophony and a stampede resulted. The orchestra deserted, and the singer was left alone on the stage.

I had never witnessed such a fiasco in my life. The police arrived, whisked away the singer and restored order all around.

  1. You had been preparing for an interview for the last few days. You faced the interview and succeeded. Write the story in 150—200 words (Take help from the outline given) from your preparation to your success. 

Outline: Interview for the post of cub reporter—facing interview board—answering questions with well prepared arguments—happy to be accepted and eager to serve. 

Answer-                              MY FIRST JOB

                  I was scared but eager to land my first job as a cub reporter in a children’s newspaper.

I dressed carefully for the interview and reached on time. On the threshold itself, my throat felt dry and my hands shook slightly as I turned the door knob. But when the interview board of six people, welcomed me warmly, my fears vanished. I felt composed as I was well prepared.

The board sifted through my file of write-ups. They invited me to join a group discussion on whether schools should give homework. I argued vehemently in favour, countermanding the board’s stock suggestions about burdening children, making parents into homework writing machines and children inattentive in class The Board seemed satisfied wills my refutations in favour of giving homework.

In the end, I felt a palpable air of satisfaction all around. Thus, when their final approval accepting me as a cub reporter arrived, I was raring to take off on my new assignment.

  • He was fond of his grandmother. She would bathe him, give him breakfast, prepare his bag and take him to the school. While he was in the school, she sat in the temple, saying her prayers…

Complete the story in your own words. (150,® words)

Answer-              A LOVING RELATIONSHIP

                   He was fond of his grandmother. She would bathe him, give him breakfast, prepare his bag and take him to the school. While he was in the school, she sat in the temple, saying her prayers and waiting for him to finish school. On the way, the duo exchanged greetings with shopkeepers, stale chapattis to stray animals and talked about events both local and international. One day, he told his grandmother how they had begun learning computers at school. Grandmother was interested and wanted to learn how to send mails to her children and her relatives.

When her grandson offered to teach her, she was hesitant and mid her eyes would not stand the strain of looking at a computer screen for long. But he argued that if her eyes could watch television, they were good enough to stare at a computer screen. Grandmother relented and learnt to type, manipulate the mouse and click on various icons. The thrilling moment came when she was able to send a Baisakhi greeting to her sons in the town. The flood of compliments that followed nearly crashed her computer. It was a small revolution and her grandson had made it happen. 

  • On the basis of the clipping shown and the outline given,  write a story in 150-200 words.

Outline: On way to school—chaos on main road—accident at metro construction site—scene of the accident—student volunteers help in controlling. 

Answer-                    A VOLUNTEER ACT

            As the school bus came on the main road, I saw a huge crowd running in our direction. The driver of our bus braked at sight of the oncoming crowd. The people were furiously waving their hands and gesturing to the driver to stop the bus. Soon a police inspector arrived and asked the bus driver to take the bus to the kerb. Inside the bus, everyone had left their scats and were craning out of the windows. On enquiry from the people nearby we learnt that there had been a major accident on one of the metro station construction sites. An under-construction bridge had collapsed and a large slab of concrete had collapsed, caving in the roof of a moving bus, causing fatalities.

Before long, the sirens of ambulances screeched all around. Volunteers from nearby began to help in carrying the injured into waiting ambulances. The local minister himself joined the rescue work. Naturally, we students, could not remain inactive any longer. With the help of our teachers, we formed groups and under the direction of the local policeman, began to divert the traffic so that a traffic jam could be averted.