Class 7 Prepositions Exercise

Question 1) Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions.
  1. The price ___________ (for, of, about) each shirt is different.

  2. These bangles are made ___________ (from, with, of) gold.

  3. He goes to school ______________ (by, on, with) foot.

  4. The dress I bought is very similar ___________ (to, from, with) the one that you bought.

  5. The principal stressed _____________ (for, on, with) the importance _____________ (for, of, on) being punctual.

  6. Let me congratulate you ______________ (for, on, about) winning the inter-school dance competition.

  7. The two brothers are very different _________ (from, to, with) each other.

  8. Vineet is known __________ (about, for, in) his many talents, such as drawing, skating and swimming.

  9. I have no idea ____________ (into, about, for) the time ________ (of, for, at) their arrival. 

  10. If you want to work ___________ (with, about, of) us, you should adhere __________ (from, for, to) our policies.

  11.  I’m not interested _________ (about, in, for) what you are going to tell me.

  12. She is quite pleased __________ (about, with, of) my performance.