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Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board

Question 1. Write a short story based on the following hints, in about 150-200 words. Give a suitable title to your story.

Once upon a time—boy lived with mother—boy hated mother—had only one eye—always embarrassed—wished mother would disappear—few years later—boy left his mother—came to the city and got settled—forgot his one-eyed mother—received a letter—school alumni reunion—after reunion, visited his old house—saw his mother on cold ground with a letter—boy during childhood met with an accident—lost his eye—mother donated her eye—boy cried.

  1. Mother

Once upon a time, a boy lived with his mother in a small town. The boy hated his mother because she had only one eye. The boy was always embarrassed because of his mother. He did not want her to come to school or any other place, where she should be seen with him. He always wished that his mother would just disappear from this world.

One day, he finally asked his mother, “Mom, why don’t you have the other eye? You have only making me a laughing stock all around.” But the mother did not say anything. Few years later, the boy left his mother and came to the city to become a successful man. He started working, got married, and had kids. He got busy and completely forgot about his one-eyed mother.

One day, he received a letter regarding the school alumni reunion in the town. After attending the reunion, he went to visit his old house. There he saw his mother on the cold ground with a letter addressed to the boy. In the letter, she described how the boy, during his childhood, had met with an accident and lost his eye. And it was she who donated her eye to the boy. Then, all he could do was cry in repentance for the person who loved him very much.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 2. Write a story, in about 150-200 words, endings:…….. He touched his Guru’s feet asked for an apology. Give a suitable title to your story.


There was once a man who suddenly felt an urge to meet his old guru. How much ever he tried, he was not successful. He prayed to God. One night in his dream, he saw his Guru near a seashore. When he got up from his sleep, he was feeling really restless. He went to the same seashore, he had seen in his dream. He realized that he had finally succeeded in his efforts, but he was sad because he saw his Guru as a fisherman there. He felt ashamed of his Guru and pretended not to recognised him and move away.

It was a very hot day and the man was really distressed. The sun shone brightly in the sky. He couldn’t bear the heat of sun, so he fainted and fell down . A fisherman seeing him faint ran up to him and took him to a safe place, nursed him, and waited patiently till he become conscious.

When the man woke up, he saw his Guru, the fisherman by his side of whom he had been ashamed of and refused to recognize. His Guru set by him as his protector. The man realized his mistake and he touched his Guru’s feet and asked for an apology.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 3. Write a story, in about 150-200 words, beginning: I was reading a book when I noticed . . . . . .Give a suitable title to your story.


I was reading a book when I noticed some kind of movement outside the window. I opened the window to check what it was and to my amazement, it was a tiny funny-looking creature with blinking antennas on the top of his head. I suddenly realized that I was staring at an alien. I was trying to decided how I could communicate with it. I smiled at it and gestured at it to come in. It came into the room and was staring at the things in the room. It traced its long slender finger on the things in my room and the pictures on the wall, leaving a fluorescent glow wherever it touched. I couldn’t conjure any way to communicate with it.

It kept looking around as if trying to find something. I offered a packet of biscuits, I had in my room. It understood the sign language, popped few biscuits in its mouth and his whole face began to flash into several colorful flashes of light. It vaguely gestured towards me. I thought it was in some kind of pain as it started making squeaky and strange sounds. Then it moved toward the window and its face broke into a smile. I looked out too and saw flashes of light in the sky. The alien started jumping up and down. The lights in the sky came nearer and nearer. I saw myself looking in a spaceship.

The alien rushed out through my window towards the spaceship. There was a loud deafening sound with which the spaceship took off. I didn’t want my friend to leave so fast and I jumped to get hold of one of the wheels of the spaceship, and there was a loud thud. My eyes opened and I found myself on floor. It was then, that I realized that it was all a dream.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 4. It was really hot and humid last night. I slept with the windows open. Around 2:00 a.m. I heard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Complete the story, in about 150-200 words, about what happened then. Give a suitable title to your story.


It was really hot and humid last night. I slept with the windows open. Around 2:00 a.m. I heard a slight shuffling sound in my room. I slightly raised my head and in the moonlight, I got a faint glimpse of a man entering my room through the open window. He shown a torch on me. I pretended to be in a deep sleep but my heart was thundering. I was scared he would hear it beat. Convinced that I was asleep, he moved toward my cupboard. I gathered courage and decided I just couldn’t lie there doing nothing. My phone was on the bed, next to me. I stealthily gave a number of miss calls to my dad. My father was perturbed but knew something was amiss. He, along with my elder brother, came to my room. Hearing the door open, the robber tried to dash and escape through the open window. As he ran, I stuck my leg out, and he tripped and fell facedown hard on the floor. Immediately, the three of us literally pounced on him and overpowered him after some struggle. We tied him up and rang for the police. The night patrol police were nearby. They came and we handed over the robber to them.

My family was happy that I reacted to the scary situation boldly and did the right thing.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 5. Write a short story, in about 150-200 words, on the basis of the given outlines. Give a suitable title to your story.

The illiterate boy—caught for pickpocketing—sent to juvenile home—forced to do lesson—become sullen rebellions—watches French comic film on TV during recreations hour—fascinated with language—request coaching classes—a French tourist guide today.


Raju was a little boy, who was born in a very poor family. He loved to go to school, but the financial status at home was so poor, the school was a dream. He resorted to small thefts and pickpocketing to earn money. One day, he was caught in the act of pickpocketing and the court punished him and he was sent away to a juvenile remand home. There, all the boys were forced to learn, and Raju hated it because he no longer wished to study. The tutor would cane the boys for every other word they spoke wrong.

This kind of treatment made Raju a rebellion and a sullen child. He sat all day stone-faced and didn’t mingle with anyone. One day, during the recreation hour, there was a French movie on the TV Initially, he didn’t seem to be interested but slowly the movie and the language began to interest him. When the prison counselor came for his routine visit, Raju requested him that he wanted to learn French. The counselor was happy because finally Raju had shown interest in something. He made arrangements for French classes and eventually, Raju passed the exam of advanced level of French Language. When his term ended in the juvenile home, he secured a certificate in French and a license as a certificate guide. Today, he is seen at the Embassy of France waiting to give French tourist, a guided tour of the city. He earns his living decently and is an inspiration of many.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 6. Given below is the beginning of a story. Complete it, in about 150-200 words.

When Mohit reached the house from the market, he saw a crowd gathered in front of his house. Shocked and distributed, he started running towards the house. Many thoughts were flashing in his mind. . . . . 


When Mohit reached his house from the market, he saw a crowd gathered in front of his house. Shocked and disturbed, he started running towards the house. Many thoughts were flashing in his mind. Mohit was worried, did any mishap occur. Every one seemed to stare at him. Some of his friends tried to stop him but he was totally deaf to the world. All he could hear was all negative thoughts in his mind. Was his father okay? He seemed to look tired. Was mom alright? She had been complaining for days that she suspected that the gas pipe had a leak in it but everyone was too preoccupied with their work to change the pipe. Mohit was praying in his mind that things should be fine their work to change the pipe. Mohit was praying in his mind that things should be fine at home. His fast pace to walk broke into a run. As he entered the gate, the whole crowd went quiet for a minute. The silence was too much to bear. He looked around trying to spot his father and mother in the crowd. For a moment, he couldn’t see them and suddenly the entire crowd began to clap. He was shocked and looked in disbelief. Then he saw the familiar faces of his dad and mom walking up to him with the crowd of people behind them. Mom had a thali( brass plated) with a lit lamp and a box of sweets in the thali.

Dad was beaming with pride and mom had tears of joy in her eyes. Both of them finally told him the news that he had secured 1st Rank in the UPSC exams. Mohit almost fell on the ground. He didn’t know whether it was a feeling of relief that his parents were safe or whether it was the joy of his achievement.

Soon his house was flooded with visitors, news reporters, politicians, relatives all wishing him good wishes. Mohit realized that it was just a beginning of a new chapter in his life. . . . .from a son of a autorickshaw driver to an IAS officer in future.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 7. Two friends were passing through a dense forest. They were almost reaching the area that was . . . . . . .Complete the story, in about 150-200 words.


Two friends were passing through a dense forest. They were almost reaching the area that was pre-decided that they would camp for the night. Suddenly, the stillness of the forest was broken by the painful bellow of a buck. It was a sound that distinctively told us that the animal was in a lot of pain. Cautiously, we approached the sound and was shocked to see a buck lying writhing in pain on the forest floor. Its horns were entangled in steel wires left behind by champers/ trekkers and every movement it made us causing the wires to tighten more around, its horns and now it was twisting about its neck. Seeing us approach, the buck panicked and struggled harder. We were confused and shocked for a moment, but knew we had to react fast otherwise we would witness a poor animal strangle to death due to a major carelessness of humans like us. Harry sprung into action. He was a firefighter but both of us didn’t have any experience in such a situation. We knew a kick from the buck could hurtle us in air and we could be seriously injured. Harry emptied the champing bag and took out the rope that was to secure our tent. We slowly threw the rope around it and nudged it and pushed it to lie on the ground. Surprisingly, the buck didn’t resist much, maybe it was tired with all the struggle and probably it knew we were its only hope of survival. Harry had a professional swiss knife with him. He took out something that looked like a wire-cutter and slowly began to cut the thin wire from the horns while I patted the buck to relax it. Once or twice, it did try to resist but after almost 45 minutes of hard work, it got free from the wire. As soon as we moved away, the buck was on its legs. It took a moment and trotted away. After running about 50 metre, it turned back and looked at us as if to say a thank you and then it vanished into the dense forest.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 8. Given below is the beginning of an incident. Complete it, in about 150-200 words .

Ravi had prepared very well for his English paper and he was confident of doing well in it. But when he reached the examination center, he found that it was the mathematics paper that day. He realized that he had made a mistake while referring to his date sheet.


Ravi had prepared very well for his English paper and he was confident of doing well in it. But when he reached the examination center, he found that it was the mathematics paper that day. He realized that he had made a mistake while referring to his datasheet. “How could this ever happen to me?”,said Ravi to himself. He was not sure if he wanted to burst out into tears or get angry with himself. He felt so ashamed of himself.

Mom would be upset and this would become an anecdote in the family which would be told on occasions, so that no one in the family would be too over-confident and overlook important things in life. Dad would be fuming with anger. He just couldn’t face anyone at home. He confided his blunder to Vasudha ma’am. She appeared to be shocked initially but sat him down and claimed him. She motivated him saying that he was good in subjects and had scored a centum in the pre-boards. Ma’am sat and revised with him all the formulas. The bell rang for the exam. Ravi went in a heavy heart, prayed as he had never prayed before. The invigilator gave the question paper to him and Ravi again said a word of prayer. He looked at the paper. Everything looked strange to him, he wanted to cry. He had a sinking feeling in him. He closed his eyes and he took multiple breaths. He took the question paper in his hands and looks at it. He read the questions slowly one at a time. He took his pen and started answering them one by one. Ravi found that he could answers the questions completely. Mathematics was his favorite subject and he could not bear to anything below a centum. He finished the paper 10 minutes before time. He revised all the questions and the solutions he had worked out. The paper was done and he walked out of the examination hall relieved, but his head hung in shame, thinking how careless he had been. Vasudha ma’am was waiting for him in the reception area. The first thing she told him when she saw him was,”Ravi I knew you’d be able to solve the paper”. He was happy that his teacher had so much trust in him and understood his potential.

Mom and dad were shocked but only said,”Overconfident precedes carelessness”.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 9. Hema wanted to write a story but couldn’t complete it. Help her complete the story with the cues given below. Write in about 150- 200 words and give a suitable title to the story.

It was a bright and perfect day to read a book and relax. The work in the office had been so challenging that. . . . . . . . .


It was a bright and perfect day to read a book and relax. The work in the office had been so challenging that I decided to make use of the wonderful bright spring morning. I pulled out the garden chair and sat under the shady banyan tree that stood in the corner of our yard.

Settling down in the chair, I started reading the fiction novel that I had been wanting to read for a long time. I was through with almost 20 pages, when I heard a loud thud, few meters away from me. I turned to my right and saw a dirty black bag. I stood up and looked out onto the street and saw a middle aged man pedaling his bicycle fast as if trying to get away. I called out to him, but he pedaled even faster. Seeing him go, caused panic in me and turned back and looked at the stuffed, black bag. So many thoughts flashed through my mind. I called out to my parents, sensing the panic in my voice. They rushed out immediately and stopped short, when they saw the bag. I narrated what happened. Slowly, I realized that our yard was full of people. Our neighbors, passerby etc. all gathered around the bag, looking fearfully at it. Someone called the police and they reached within 15 minutes. They cordoned off the area, they too looked fearfully at the bag. Opinions were flying in the air,” It’s a bag with a bomb I’m sure.” “Strain your ears, you can definitely hear the clock ticking”. “Look at those wet patches. I’ m sure it’s a body chopped into pieces by a murderer and he disposed it in this manner.” . . . . . . . 

So many speculations and so many hypotheses made the seen tense.

Soon the bomb squad reached with sniffer dog. The police evacuated the area and two policemen ran the metal detector all around the bag. Not a beep was heard or lights flashed. The men from the squad lifted the bag and opened the zipper; the entire crowd was still as if not breathing. The police personnel opened the bag and held it up and turned it over out and tumbled a whole lot of dirty old clothes. The crowd erupted into loud talks, laughter (of relief) and some were even angry as they had been disturbed from the schedule, just to see a bag full of dirty clothes. . . . . . . . .

We always have a good laugh thinking of all the commotion over a bag of dirty clothes.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 10. Complete the story, in about 150-200 words, with the ending “. . . . from that day onwards, I never went out alone.” Use the given hints.

Tainy day—alone at home—lightning and thunder—lights go out—phone lines dead—knocking on the door


It was a rainy day. It felt as if the heaven’s flood gates had opened and it was pouring without a stop. I was all alone at home. Mom, dad and my brother had gone for an appointment with the doctor. The appointment was prefixed at 7:00 p.m. They told me that they would be back latest by 9:00 p.m. I kept myself busy watching my favorite serials even though there were some evil scary thoughts playing behind in the back of my head. The peal of thunder and the flashes of lightning were scaring me, but I put up a brave front by turning the sound of the television high so as to drown the sound of thunder. The phone rang, it startled me, but I was glad to hear the comforting sound of my mom. She said the traffic on the road was heavy due to waterlogging in certain areas. “Latest by 9:30 p.m., we should be home”. My eyes kept glancing at the clock on the wall. It would take 30 minutes for them to reach home. I consoled myself.

All this fear and anxiety made me hungry. I grabbed a packet of chip and started munching on them. All of a sudden, I saw a flash of lightning. It was so bright, felt like it struck in our yard. It was followed by a ear-deafening peal of thunder. All the lights of the house went out. It was pitch dark both inside and outside the house. All I could see was the shadows of branches of Moringa tree on the curtain. I was really scared sitting in the pitch darkness. I groped for the phone but it seemed dead. I thought someone has knocking the door grew louder and persistent.

With shaky, thin voice I almost blurted out,”Who’s there?”. “Mihika open the door, it’s me Leela aunty “. Leela aunty’s sound felt like an angelic chorus. I ran to the door almost tripping over the chairs and falling down. I opened the door and flung myself at her. She hugged me tight and told me that mom had called her to check on me as the phone lines were dead. Seeing my disheveled plight and my tearful face, she took me over to her house, so that I could be there till my parents got home.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

QUESTION 11. Two friends were passing through a dense forest. Suddenly they heard some animal screaming… Complete the story in 150-200 words.

Answer –   They froze in fear, but when the sound persisted, they decided to help the stricken beast, even at the risk of their own lives. They walked towards the direction of the sound, arming themselves with staves made from tree branches. The rest of the forest was still, and only the monkeys overhead were chattering. Imagine their surprise when the friends discovered that the agonizing sounds were the work of a little herder and his friends. They were from the village nearby and this was their form of recreation every afternoon. Imitating jungle sounds to perfection was a game they played in the afternoon.

To make amends, the boys decided to entertain their guests by imitating the chattering of monkeys, the call of the koyal, the sound of gurgling water and even the whistling of the breeze.

As the two friends turned to leave, the cowherd party regaled them with a spine chilling tiger roar. This time the friends knew better. They yelled back a friendly farewell saying: See you soon

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

QUESTION 12. You saved your pocket money to buy one of your favorite books. You decided to read it on Sundays. But one day on your way back from school you lost the hook in your school bus and couldn’t find it. You pasted a notice on the notice hoard and finally someone returned it to you. Write a story in 150-200 words about the whole experience.


                     The money I had received on my 14th birthday, sufficed to buy the complete Harry Potter series. I started reading volume I. I carried the book to school and showed it around on the school bus. When we reached school and began asking for the book, no one owned up to having it.

I decided to put up a notice on the notice board and offered the finder a handsome treat of a double ice cream and cold drinks alongside.

On the second day, a junior from the NCC squad walked up with the hook. He had found it thrown in the bushes behind the school garden. 1 thanked the boy very much and kept my promise. My week’s pocket money was gone in treating hint. I felt a sense of relief as I put the book safely back in my school bag.

For the first time I realized what it feels to lose something that is dear to oneself.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

QUESTION 13…Ultimately he won it as he was determined to accomplish his mission. 

The closing of a story is given above. You can start your own story but you can’t change the end. Write the story in 150-200 words.


                  The marathon was a week away. The leg plaster had come off but I was using crutches. Since it was for a charitable cause 1 was determined to contribute to it. Friends were sympathetic and tried to dissuade me. As a rebellious teenager, I refused to follow sound advice and willed myself to take a few short steps. Oh how the pain shot through my leg! I had managed to hobble to the door. Next day, my trainer arrived to coach me and by the day of the marathon. I felt well prepared. The race took off to an uneventful start but by mid-morning, the heat was oppressive. I remained calm although the leg was beginning to hurt a bit. I realized soon the runners had picked up speed and were outracing me. I pulled my muscles taut, gritted my teeth and fought off the painful sensation in my legs. The finishing line was a blur as I remember dropping to the ground at the rope.

When I came to my senses, I could hear someone saying…”Ultimately he won it and he was determined to accomplish his mission.”

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 14. …Suddenly it started mining and thunder rumbled. The animals frightened by the streaks of lightning and the roar of thunder. broke loose and began to run …

Write a story in 150—200 words which can have a different beginning and end but the middle must be the same as above.


                  We went to the local Auchandi Fair at the Mela Grounds. There were live performances and even exhibitions of prized animals. The star attraction at the fair was a performance by a Bollywood playback singer. There was an animal show in the neighboring stall, but the singer was still the largest crowd puller.

The weather was fine and the singer had everyone dancing to his lively numbers. Suddenly it started raining and thunder rumbled. The animals, frightened by the streaks of lightning and the roar of thunder, broke Mole and began to run wildly all over the grounds. The elephants began trumpeting; the horses galloped and trembled in fear. The music was totally drowned in this cacophony and a stampede resulted. The orchestra deserted, and the singer was left alone on the stage.

I had never witnessed such a fiasco in my life. The police arrived, whisked away the singer and restored order all around.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 15. You had been preparing for an interview for the last few days. You faced the interview and succeeded. Write the story in 150—200 words (Take help from the outline given) from your preparation to your success.

Outline: Interview for the post of cub reporter—facing interview board—answering questions with well prepared arguments—happy to be accepted and eager to serve.


                 I was scared but eager to land my first job as a cub reporter in a children’s newspaper.

I dressed carefully for the interview and reached on time. On the threshold itself, my throat felt dry and my hands shook slightly as I turned the doorknob. But when the interview board of six people, welcomed me warmly, my fears vanished. I felt composed as I was well prepared.

The board sifted through my file of write-ups. They invited me to join a group discussion on whether schools should give homework. I argued vehemently in favor, countermanding the board’s stock suggestions about burdening children, making parents into homework writing machines and children inattentive in class The Board seemed satisfied wills my refutations in favor of giving homework.

In the end, I felt a palpable air of satisfaction all around. Thus, when their final approval accepting me as a cub reporter arrived, I was raring to take off on my new assignment.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 16. He was fond of his grandmother. She would bathe him, give him breakfast, prepare his bag and take him to the school. While he was in the school, she sat in the temple, saying her prayers…

Complete the story in your own words. (150, words)


                  He was fond of his grandmother. She would bathe him, give him breakfast, prepare his bag and take him to the school. While he was in the school, she sat in the temple, saying her prayers and waiting for him to finish school. On the way, the duo exchanged greetings with shopkeepers, stale chapattis to stray animals and talked about events both local and international. One day, he told his grandmother how they had begun learning computers at school. Grandmother was interested and wanted to learn how to send emails to her children and her relatives.

When her grandson offered to teach her, she was hesitant and mid her eyes would not stand the strain of looking at a computer screen for long. But he argued that if her eyes could watch television, they were good enough to stare at a computer screen. Grandmother relented and learned to type, manipulate the mouse and click on various icons. The thrilling moment came when she was able to send a Baisakhi greeting to her sons in the town. The flood of compliments that followed nearly crashed her computer. It was a small revolution and her grandson had made it happen.

Short Story Writing Class 9 Solutions CBSE Board :

Question 17. On the basis of the clipping shown and the outline given, write a story in 150-200 words.

Outline: On way to school—chaos on main road—accident at metro construction site—scene of the accident—student volunteers help in controlling.

Answer-                    A VOLUNTEER ACT

           As the school bus came on the main road, I saw a huge crowd running in our direction. The driver of our bus braked at sight of the oncoming crowd. The people were furiously waving their hands and gesturing to the driver to stop the bus. Soon a police inspector arrived and asked the bus driver to take the bus to the curb. Inside the bus, everyone had left their scats and were craning out of the windows. On inquiry from the people nearby we learned that there had been a major accident on one of the metro station construction sites. An under-construction bridge had collapsed and a large slab of concrete had collapsed, caving in the roof of a moving bus, causing fatalities.

Before long, the sirens of ambulances screeched all around. Volunteers from nearby began to help in carrying the injured into waiting ambulances. The local minister himself joined the rescue work. Naturally, we students, could not remain inactive any longer. With the help of our teachers, we formed groups and under the direction of the local policeman, began to divert the traffic so that a traffic jam could be averted.

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