Sentence Reordering Class 9

Sentence Reordering Class 9 Solutions of the CBSE Board

Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.


(a)and/ his/ word/ thoughtful/ keeps/ is/ always/ gentleman/ true/ a

(b)to/keep/and/hasten/promise/it /will be/he/slow to/a/make

(c) friendship /a /you /broken /cost /promise /your /can

(d) promise/ is / true/ a/ forever/ friendship/ you/ keep


(a) A true gentleman is always thoughtful and keeps his word.

(b) He will be slow to make a promise and hasten to keep it.

(c) A broken promise can cost you your friendship.

(d) True friendship is a promise you keep forever.


2. (a) the/are/a/students/lot/motivated

   (b) presumptions/they/are/expressive/without/listen/and

   (c) they/achieve/willing/are/tirelessly/to/their/goals/to work

   (d) they/sky is/that/for/the/know/the/them/limit


(a) The students are motivated a lot.

(b) They are expressive and listen without presumptions.

(c) They are willing to work tirelessly to achieve their goals.

(d) They know that the sky is the limit for them.


3. (a) by/vegetation/29 sq. km/surrounded/it/and/is/area of/an/covers

   (b) it/thousands/attracts/of/every year/migratory birds

   (c) heaven/for/this/is/a/many/place/birds

   (d) winters/Siberian Crane/to/rare/in/the/are/they/home


(a) It covers an area of 29 sq. km and is surrounded by vegetation.

(b) It attracts thousands of migratory birds every year.

(c) This place is a haven for many birds.

(d) They are home to the rare Siberian Crane in winters.


4. (a) this man/in the/at the/Kwality Restaurant/was last seen/Parliament Street

  (b) this man/decides to give/the police/unless/will not/a reward/be caught                                                                                                     

   (c) to his arrest/if I/information/knew/I/would provide/leading

   (d) him/cases/he/with/criminal/a/is/notorious/many/against


(a) This man was last seen in the Parliament Street at the Kwality Restaurant.

(b) Unless the police decides to give a reward this man will not be caught.

(c) If I knew I would provide information leading to his arrest.

(d) He is a notorious criminal with many cases against him.


Sentence Reordering Class 9


5. (a) every/found/spiders/are/continent/on/almost/Antartica/except

    (b) very/helpful/they are/eat/they/because/flies/other/and/insects

    (c) don’t/get/caught/spiders/own/in/their/webs

    (d) Robert Bruce/the spider/in/for/was a/inspiration/great


(a) Spiders are found on almost every continent except Antarctica.

(b) They are very helpful because they eat flies and other insects.

(c) Spiders don’t get caught in their own webs.

(d) The spider was a great inspiration for Robert Bruce.


6. (a) communicate in/of animals/a number/language/chemical

   (b) to pass messages/smelly chemicals/pheromones are/secreted by/some insects

   (c) antennae/others/messages with the/pick up these/help of

   (d) communicate/rubbing/crickets/legs/by/together/their


(a) A number of animals communicate in chemical language.

(b) Pheromones are smelly chemicals secreted by some insects to pass messages.

(c) Others pick up these messages with the help of antennae.

(d) Crickets communicate by rubbing their legs together.


7. (a) French word/a/from/the name/the/of/sport/comes

   (b) luge shed/is made/the/wood and fibre glass/of

   (c) the Winter Olympics/Shiva Keshavan/the first Indian/to/compete/is/in a luge event/at

   (d) 140km/hr/a/speed/lugers/reach/of


(a) The name of the sport comes from a French word.

(b) The luge shed is made of wood and fiberglass.

(c) Shiva Keshavan is the first Indian to compete in a luge event at the Winter Olympics.

(d) Lugers reach a speed of 140km/hr.


8. (a) through the atmosphere/of the sun/the/are scattered as/rays/they/travel

   (b) the sun/overhead/is/when/rays/the/vertically/travel

   (c) yellow colour/scattered/the/is/more so/appears/overhead/yellow/the sun

   (d) sphere/sun/is/composed/helium/of/gas/and/hydrogen/a/the


(a) The rays of the sun are scattered as they travel through the atmosphere.

(b) When the sun is overhead the rays travel vertically.

(c) The yellow color is scattered more so the sun overhead appears yellow.

(d) The sun is a sphere composed of hydrogen and helium gas.


9. (a) blood/before/the doctor/all/screens/donors/donation

   (b) does/donating/not/weakness or/cause/discomfort/blood

   (c) all the blood/camps/sterilised/are/used/in/instruments

   (d) safe/is/blood/process/donating/a


(a) The doctor screens all donors before blood donation.

(b) Donating blood does not cause weakness or discomfort.

(c) Sterilised instruments are used in all the blood camps.

(d) Donating blood is a safe process.


Sentence Reordering Class 9


10. (a) waterproof tents/light warm/the equipment/includes/and oxygen cylinders/clothing

   (b) no footholds/have to make/climbers/over walls of rock/their way/when there are

   (c) they carry/this dangerous path/their tents/across/food and everything else! instruments/they may require/that

   (d) the/minus 60 (Von/ can/temperatures/get/mountain/as low as


(a) The equipment includes waterproof tents, light warm clothing and oxygen cylinders.

(b) Climbers have to make their way over walls of rock when there are no footholds.

(c) They carry their tents, instruments, food and everything else that they may require across dangerous path.

(d) Temperatures on the mountain can get as low as minus 60°C.


11. (a) studied/to find/different/approach to life/religions/correct/a/he

      (b) to shed/this/mindedness/helped him/narrow

      (c) he/tolerant/and/became/other religions/for

      (d) equality/in/responsibility/believed/rights/he/of/and


 (a) He studied different religions to find a correct approach to life.

 (b) This helped him to shed narrow mindedness.

 (c) And he became tolerant for other religions.

 (d) He believed inequality of rights and responsibility.


12. (a) I/tried/four/details/this week/to/system/access/to/my account/times/have/use/the

    (b) crashed/on/l/the/system/been/that/each/informed/computer/has/have/ occasion

    (c) branch/day/person/unable/to/working/a/am/i/bank/my/as/during/theivisit

    (d) haven’t/account/I/bank/access/been/my/able/to


(a) I have tried four times this week to use the system to access my account details.

(b) On each occasion, I have been informed that the computer system has crashed.

(c) As a working person, I am unable to visit my bank ranch during the day.

(d) I haven’t been able to access my bank account


13. (a) ship/violently/the storm/rocked/The

      (b) masterpiece/artist/painstakingly/the/his/worked/at

      (c) gift/free/a/dad/offered/firm/by/the/was

      (d) place/our/ lives/music/important/has/in/an


 (a) The storm rocked the ship violently.

 (b) The artist painstakingly worked at his masterpiece.

 (c) Dad was offered a free gift by the firm.

 (d) Music has an important place in our lives. 


14. (a) I/read/paper/in/the/burglar/been/caught/had/the/that

      (b) nightfall/began/crickets/the/at/their/piercing/calls

    (c) wore/a hat/he/of/coconut/made/fiber/his/on/head

    (d) its/urbanisation/in India/everywhere/has/tentacles/spread


 (a) I read in the paper that the bur tar had been c tight.

 (b) The crickets began their piercing calls at nightfall.

 (c) He wore a hat made of cow t fiber on his head.

 (d) Urbanisation has spread its tentacles everywhere in India.


Sentence Reordering Class 9


15. (a) as/cultures/India/diverse/languages/has/well/as

    (b) should/wear/we/light/in/colours/summers

    (c) have/doctor/I/an/with/appointment/the/tomorrow

    (d) baby/gave/apple/her/the/mother/a/red


(a) India has diverse cultures as well as Language.

(b) We should wear light colors in summers.

(c) I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

(d) The mother gave her baby a red apple. 


16. (a) should/water/be/before/boiled/drinking/filtered/and

      (b) chew/food/your/you/should/properly/swallowing/before

      (c) Nitya/as/works/a/engineer/software/Gurgaon/in

      (d) strike/opportunity/the/wait/I/to/right/for/will


(a) Water should be boiled and filtered before drinking.

(b) You should chew your food properly before swallowing.

(c) Nitya works as a software engineer in Gurugram.

(d) I will wait for the right opportunity to strike.


17. Shilpi : got/designer/I/this/saree/think/I/little/too/a expensive

  Varuna : think/if/so/you/we/go/then/should/replace/the/and/saree/immediately

  Shilpi : because/shop/yes/in/this/they/giving/it/are/off/half/for/the/price

  Varuna : could/and/better/a/get/this/one/you/than/try


 Shilpi: I think I got this designer saree a little too expensive.

 Varuna: If you think so then we should go and replace the saree immediately.

 Shilpi: Yes, because in this shop, they are giving it off for half the price.

Varuna :You could try and get a better one than this.


18. (a) the/Ranji/my/will/Trophy/brother/be/playing/for/year/this

    (b) cooks/around/mother/the/world/from/my/delicacies

      (c) so/there/many/are/sites/cultural/heritage/of/India/in/importance

      (d) is/good/both/for/and/early/rising/old/young


 (a) My brother will be playing for the Ranji Trophy this year.

 (b) My mother cooks delicacies from around the world.

(c) There are so many heritage sites of cultural importance in India.

(d) Early rising is good for both old and young.


19.(a) drink/lots/liquids/should/we/during/to/summers/avoid/dehydrated/getting/ of

    (b) energetic/and/exercise/children/keep/active/extracurricular/and/active

    (c) attention/producing/is a/process and/silk/close/demands/lengthy

    (d) god/some/remember/only/people/distress/in


(a) We should drink lots of liquids during summers to avoid getting dehydrated.

(b) Exercise and extracurricular activities keep children active and energetic.

(c) Producing silk is a lengthy process and demands close attention.

(d) Some people remember God only in distress.


Sentence Reordering Class 9

20. (a) check / please / details / the I/ for / website

    (b) sister / chocolates / loves I my / and / ice creams / eating

    (c) place / nobody / parents / take / the / can / of


(a) Please check the website for details.

(b) My sister loves eating chocolates and ice creams.

(c) Nobody can take the place of parents.


21. (a) gathers / a / rolling / stone / moss / no

    (b) bird / bush / in hand / a / worth / is / two / in / the

    (c) put / basket / don’t / in one / your / eggs / all /


(a) A rolling stone gathers no moss.

(b) A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

(c) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


22. (a) do not / please / the roads / litter

    (b) surroundings / your / clean / keep / and / neat

    (c) godliness / next to / is / cleanliness


(a) Do not litter the roads please.

(b) Keep your surroundings neat and clean.

(c) Cleanliness is next to godliness.


23. (a) exercises / for / health / good / doing / is

    (b) days / aware / their / health / these / people / are / more / of /

    (c) health / are / in / available / many / foods / also / the / market


(a) Doing exercises is good for health.

(b) These days people are more aware of their health.

(c) In the market, many health foods are also available


24.  (a) its / urbanisation / in India / everywhere / has / tentacles / spread

     (b) only / the country / a / land / of / remains / villages / in name

     (c) policy-makers / numerous / this / posed / challenges / has / the / to


(a) Urbanisation has spread its tentacles everywhere in India.

(b) The country remains a land of villages only in name.

(c) This has posed numerous challenges to the policy-makers.


Sentence Reordering Class 9

25. (a) comfortable / and / more / is / life / worth living / world / today’s / in / before / ever

    (b) science / advancement / brought about / in / and technology / have / changes / awesome

    (c) man / today / communicate / is / able to / faster


(a) In today’s world, life is more comfortable and worth living than ever before. 

(b) Advancement in science and technology have brought about awesome changes.

(c) Today man is able to communicate faster.


26. (a) homophones / are / known as / sounding / words / similar

    (b) opposite / antonyms / words / meaning / known as / in / are

    (c) similar / in / words / meaning / synonyms / are / known as / in / are


(a) Similar sounding words are known as homophones.

(b) Words opposite in meaning are known as antonyms.

(c) Words similar in meaning are known as synonyms.


27. (a) foreign / a / home / old-age / is / concept

    (b) generation / time / days / younger / to / these / doesn’t have / took after / parents / their / aged

    (c) youth / family / prefers / today’s / nuclear


(a) Old-age home is a foreign concept.

(b) These days younger generation doesn’t have time to look after their aged parents.

(c) Today’s youth prefers nuclear family


28. (a) become / TV / medium / a / has / powerful / days / these

    (b) people / glued / children / and / older / remain / it / to

    (c) entertainment / all / become / a great / for / it / has / source of


(a) TV has become a powerful medium these days.

(b) Older people and children remain glued to it.

(c) It has become a great source of entertainment for all.


29. (a) you / must / always / be / so / formal

    (b) incidents / the / road rage / are / on / rise

    (c) do not / time / waste / precious / your.


(a) Must you be so formal always?

(b) Road rage incidents are on the rise.

(c) Do not waste your precious time. 


Sentence Reordering Class 9


30. (a) Teacher : you / work / didn’t / why I finish / your?

       Student : go / mother / I / with / had to / my

        Teacher : excuses / make / you I always

    (b) Mother : seen / the / coat / condition / of / have / you / your?

        Son : fell / muddy / I / into a / pool of / water.

        Mother : careful I must / you / while / be / walking

    (c) Ritu: breakfast / has / what / prepared I mother / for / today?

        Rani: sandwiches / favourite / my / pasta / and

        Ritu : fast / like / don’t / I / food.


(a) Teacher . . Why didn’t you finish your work?

   Student . . I had to go with my mother.

   Teacher : You always make excuses.

(b) Mother :. Have you seen the condition of your coat?

   Son : I fell into a pool of muddy water.

   Mother : You must be careful while walking.

(c) Ritu : What has mother prepared for breakfast today?

   Rani : My favourite pasta and sandwiches.

   Ritu : I don’t like fast food.


31. (a) cup / process / a / making / of tea / is / very / simple / a

    (b) last / Shyam / accident / week / an / met / with

    (c) match / century / Dhoni / his / scored / a / last / in


(a) Making a cup of tea is a very simple process.

(b) Last week, Shyam met with an accident.

(c) Dhoni scored a century in his last match.


32. (a) furious / payments / was / friend / he / over / money / with / his

    (b) should / harsh / been / you / not / very / have

    (c) was / bride / the / going to / she / buy / a beautiful / for / dress


(a) He was furious with his friend over money payments.

(b) You should not have been very harsh.

(c) She was going to buy a beautiful dress for the bride.


33. (a) chocolates / was / a / gifted / I / box of

    (b) illness / could / due to / exams / he / not / take / his / his

    (c) medicine / the / is / best / laughter


(a) I was gifted a box of chocolates.

(b) Due to his illness, he could not take his exams.

(c) Laughter is the best medicine.


34. (a) positive / in / focus / life / should / we / on / things

    (b) diverse / land of / is / cultures / a / India /

    (c) known for / are / love / unconditional / dogs / their


(a) We should focus on positive things in life.

(b) India is a land of diverse cultures.

(c) Dogs are known for their unconditional love.


Sentence Reordering Class 9

35. (a) are / parents / anniversary / their / 50th / my / celebrating / today

    (b) has / viral fever / weak / the / me / very / left

    (c) fainted / the / doctor / the / front / patient / in / of / in / hospital / the


(a) My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary today.

(b) The viral fever has left me very weak.

(c) The patient fainted in front of doctor in the hospital.


36. (a) would / instrumental music / I / learn / love to / some

    (b) naughty / younger / fights / my / brother / is / very / and / a lot

    (c) known by / man / keeps / a / is / the / he / company


(a) I would love to learn some instrumental music.

(b) My younger brother is very naughty and fights a lot.

(c) A man is known by the company he keeps.


37. (a) December / Christmas / of / is / celebrated / in the / month

    (b) head / school / am / I / boy / of / the / my

    (c) computers / new / of / the / age / is / the / age


(a) Christmas is celebrated in the month of December.

(b) I am the Head Boy of my school.

(c) The new age is the age of computers.


38. (a) challenges / life / a lot / throws / of

    (b) have to / mettle / you / your / prove

    (c) all / dogs / love / of / animals / the most / the / I


(a) Life throws a lot of challenges.

(b) You have to prove your mettle.

(c) Of all the animals, I love dogs the most.


39. (a) duty / parents / It / look after / to / is / our / in / old age / our / their

    (b) judgement / others / we / not / on / should / sit / on /

    (c) doctors / are / both / son / daughter / my / and


(a) It is our duty to look after our parents in their old age.

(b) We should not sit on judgment on others.

(c) Both my son and daughter are doctors.


 Sentence Reordering Class 9


40. (a) eldest / returned / my / son / yet / home / has not / from / office / his

    (b) literature / have / for / passion / I / a / studying

    (c) every / competitions / held / year / school / a lot of / are /in / our


(a) My eldest son has not yet returned home from his office.

(b) I have a passion for studying literature.

(c) A lot of competitions are held in our school every year.


41. (a) cure/ is / than / better / prevention

    (b) wrongs/ two / right / do not / a / make

    (c) child/ man / the / father / of / the / is


(a) Prevention is better than cure.

(b) Two wrongs do not make a right.

(c) The child is the father of man.


42. (a) sharing /families / concept of / follow / joint / the

    (b) popular / shopping / becoming / online / is / concept / a very

    (c) intend/ brother / my / start / business / own / his / to


(a) Joint families follow the concept of sharing

(b) Online shopping is becoming a very popular concept.

(c) My brother intends to start his own business.


43. (a) bears/ work / always / hard / fruits

    (b) can’t /you / cake / and / too / it / have / the / eat

    (c) neither/ he / hares / follows / catches / who / two


(a) Hard work always bears fruit.

(b) You can’t have the cake and eat it too.

(c) He who follows two hares catches neither.