Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Word Meanings

Chapter 1 A Triumph of Surgery

1 Awaitingwait for (an event). का इंतजारexpect, anticipate, look for
2 Bloated excessive in size or amount.फूला हुआ baggy, Intumescent, pulvinate
3 Brandya strong alcoholic spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.ब्रांडीeau-de-vie, Benedictine
4 Chauffeur a person employed to drive a private or hired car.चालकconductor, jehu, leery
5 Compelledbring about (something) by the use of force or pressure.मजबूर impel, drive, urge
6 Constitutionthe composition of something.रचना frame, erection, Essay
7 Gleamingreflecting light, typically because very clean or polished.चमचमाती flicker, radiate, shine
8 Lickingpass the tongue over (something) in order to taste, moisten, or clean it.चाटना pasting, caning, hammering
9 Maidsa female domestic servant.नौकरानियों housemaid, parlourmaid
10 Pleasedfeeling or showing pleasure and satisfaction,प्रसन्नhappy, blissful, exultant
11 Regime a system or ordered way of doing things.व्यवस्था arrangement, dispensation, organization
12 Reverentlywith deep and solemn respect.आदर adorably, with compliments
13 Rousedcause to stop sleeping.जगानाawaken, arouse, get up
14 Severe very great; intense.तीव्र strong, Fervid, dire
15 Supper an evening meal, typically a light or informal one.शाम का भोजनfeast, banquet, repast
16 Tweeda rough-surfaced woolen clothएक प्रकार का ऊनी कपड़ा cashmere, fleece, fur.
17Acceptedapproved स्वीकृतobtain, acquire, come by
18Aheadforwardआगेfurther, antecedently, ateriorly
19Anxiouslyfeeling nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.व्यग्रता सेapprehensive, concerned, distressed.
20Bloodshot(of the eyes) inflamed or tinged with blood, typically as a result of tiredness.रक्तमयburnt, chafed, festered.
21Boundsjumpsसीमाhop, vault, hurdle
22Boutsa short period of intense activity of a specified kind.मुकाबलोंspell, period, stretch
23Bowl-A-bita little बाउल-ए-बिट…................
24Bulletinsa short official statement or broadcast summary of news.सरकारी समाचारreport, newscast, flash
25Carpetfabric for covering the floorदरी reprimand, rebuke, admonish
26Ceremonialfestivalअनुष्ठानिक formal, ritual, prescribed
27Claspedgrasp (something) tightly with one's hand.कस कर पकड़नाgrip, clutch, hold tightly
28Cod liver oiloil pressed from the liver of codकॉड लिवर तेल…..........
29Concernanxictचिंता care, fear, thought
30Convalescingrecover one's health and strength over a period of time after an illness.स्वास्थ्य लाभliven up, recuperate, convalesce
31Crewgroupजत्थाcohort, hordes, sqaud
32Dawn onto appearउपस्थित होनाcome, cross, occur
33Delayloss of timeविलंबprocrastination, latency, lateness
34Despairingshowing loss of all hope.आशाहीन होनाgive up, lose heart, quit
35Determinedwith a set mindनिर्धारितlaid down, apprize, demarcated
36Distraughtvery worried and upset.व्याकुलdisconcerted, confused, flurried
37Dodgedavoidedटाल जानाspring, elude, evade
38Dozen12 in numberदर्जन…............
39Droopinghanging downलटकतेhang, dangle, bend
40Edgeeffectधार torrent, razor blade, watercourse
41Engulfedsweep over (something) so as to surround or cover it completely.घिरा हुआinundate, flood, deluge
42Entirecompletelyसंपूर्ण thorough, total, overall
43Fetchgo for and then bring back (someone or something) for someone.लानाintroduce oneself, do, scoop
44Flappingwavesलहरानाflutter, agitate, wag
45Fortnighta period of two weeks.दो सप्ताह का समयhalf-month, two weeks
46Ganggroup टोलीteam, echelon, brigade
47Gasping pantingहांफतेblow, heave, wheeze
48Glancedtake a brief or hurried look.झलकfly, bounce, graze
49Greyhoundhunter dogखरहे का शिकर करनेवाला कुत्ताhound, wolfhound, bloodhound
50Harnessa set of straps and fittingsकवचarmor, shield, coat of mail
51Hastenedbe quick to do something.जल्दी करना rush, hie, hurry up
52Hovered remain poised uncertainty in one place or between two states. मंडराना fly round, haunt
53Hugelyexcessiveबेहदthoroughly, extremely, particularly
54Hurtlingmove or cause to move at high speed, typically in an uncontrolled mannerज़ोर से फैंकनाrush, race, chase
55Ignoredoverlookedअवहेलना करनाdiscount, overleap, dismiss
56Immediatelyjust thenतुरंतinstantly, quick, forthwith
57Inhaledto breath through noseसाँस लेनाinspire, drink in, inbreathe
58Inspectingcheckingनिरीक्षणinvestigate, oversee, probe.
59Interiorinnerआंतरिकinward, domestic, inlying
60Jostlingpush, elbow, or bump against (someone) roughly, typically in a crowd.ढकेलनाpoke, jog, scrouge
61Kept an eyeobservedएक नजर रखीsurveil, eye, monitor
62Leapjumpछलांग lope, bounce, sally
63Liable likely to do or to be something.संभाव्यcolorable, probable, imaginable
64Listless lacking energy or enthusiasm.उदासीनindifferent, nostalgic, effortless
65Lithethin, supple, and graceful.मुलायम Facile, flossy, compliant
66Ductileflexible, elastic नमनीयtensile, whippy, springy
67Lolledsit, lie, or stand in a lazy, relaxed way.आराम सेslump, laze, luxuriate
68Lumbagopain in the muscles and joints of the lower back.कटिवातcolic, earache, bellyache
69Luxuriouslywith luxuryविलास सेexpensively, fatly, grandly
70Made uppreparedकृत्रिमartificial, synthetic, mock
71Malnutritionlack of proper nutritionकुपोषण karyotype, cacotrophy, denutrition
72Maltbarleyजौbrew, chill, hops.
73Marchedwalk quickly and with determination.ले जानाcarry, take away, bear
74Mentionedreferredउल्लिखितreferred, described, envisaged
75Midst in the middle of.बीच mean, parenthesis, navel
76Mistressa woman in a position of authority or control.अध्यापिकाteacher, governess, preceptress
77Motionlessnot moving; stationary.स्थिरstable, static, constant
78Occasionopportunityअवसरchance, juncture, eventuality
79Packgroupपैकcontainer, box, carton
80Pantingbreathing with short, quick breaths, out of breath.हाँपनाwheeze, heave, blow
81Passagesidewayमार्गroute, pathway, road
82Pathetic full of pityदयनीयaffecting, touching, poignant
83Pattedtouch quickly and gently with the flat of the hand.पीठ थपथपाईdab, fondle, rub
84Pineto lamentविलाप करनाdeplore, moan, repine
85Pith rousedawokeजागाcogent, concentrated, epigrammatic
86Plentya lot ofखूबextremely, vastly, enormously
87Pulled upstoppedखींचा गयाarrest, bring up, catch
88Rapidfastतीव्रintense, acute, fast
89Relentbecome less severe or intense.नरम पड़नाcapitulate, yield, accede
90Rheumywatery.नमMoist, damp, wet
91Ruga floor coveringगलीचा carpet, floorcloth, mantle
92Rusheddone or completed too hurriedly, hasty.जल्दी करनाhurry up, speed
93Sausage a mixture of meat cut into very small pieces, spices, etcसॉसेजbanger, snag
94Scrimmagesa confused struggle or fight.हाथापाई scramble, scuffle, mayhem
95Set offstartedशुरू करनाbegin, unleash, strike up
96Shaggylong, thick, and unkempt.झबराhirsute, brushy, mope-headed
97Shockedsudden attackहैरानamazed, appalled, astonished.
98Shonea quality of brightness producedशॉनsparkle, twinkle, flicker
99Slightlya little bitथोड़ाnarrowly, somewhat, gradually
100Sloppedspill or flow over the edge of a container, typically as a result of careless handling.बहानाshed, drain, blow
101Sniffingthe action of drawing in air audibly through the nose.सूँघनेnuzzle, scent
102Soundappearध्वनिconcept, impression, prospect
103Squashedflat, soft, or out of shape as a result of being crushed or squeezed with force.कुचलsqueeze, flatten, compress
104Staredto look with fixed eyesदेखेंgaze, gape, goggle
105Startledfeeling or showing sudden shock or alarm.चौंकनाbe amazed, tremble, intimidate
106Stretching outspreadingपसर जानाexpand, extend, fan
107Stricthardकठोरrigid, drastic, stiff
108Stuffthingsसामग्रीmaterial, equipment, articles
109Surgedmove suddenly and powerfully forward or upward.लहर उठनाwell, sweep, spout
110Surgeryoperationशल्य चिकित्साabscission, enucleation, incision
111Sustainedmaintainedनिरंतरcontinuous, unremitting, uninterrupted
112Swarmedmove somewhere in large numbers.झुंड में होना hustle, mob, cluster
113Swooneda partial or total loss of consciousnessअचेत होनाcollapse, drop, weaken
114Tackleto seizeपकड़नाcatch, hold, deal with
115Temptationthe desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.प्रलोभन bait, seduction, inducement
116Totteringmove in a feeble or unsteady way, staggeringडगमगानेवालाwavering, uncertain, shaking
117Trampledtread on and crush.रौंदनाtread, tramp, stamp
118Transformedchangedतब्दीलalter, modify, convert
119Treatmentcureइलाजtherapy, surgery, nursing
120Trembledshake involuntarily, typically as a result of anxiety, excitement, or frailty.थरथरनाvibrate, shudder, shiver
121Tremendoushugeअतिबृहतenormous, immense, colossal
122Trottedrun at a moderate pace with short steps.त्राटक कियाjogtrot, dogtrot, lope
123Vomitingsealउल्टीfetch up, heave, retch
124Wag move or cause to move rapidly to and from.हिलानाshake, oscillate, lash
125Wailingscrying with pain, grief, or anger.शोकपूर्णweep, cry, sob
126Wardrobea large, tall cupboard or recess in which clothes may be hung or stored.अलमारीcupboard, cabinet, locker
127Whimpermake a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain, or unhappiness.ठिनठिनाना whine, cry, snivel
128Wonderedsurprisedआश्चर्यponder, ask oneself, conjecture
129Wrappedcoveredलपेटा हुआswathe, sheathe, muffle
130Wrungtwistedगलत किया हुआtwist, squeeze, scrunch