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Biography of BEN BROOKS in Short


was born in 1992 and lives in Berlin. He is the author of several books, including Grow Up and Lolito, which won the Somerset Maugham Award in 2015. He is the author of the international bestseller Stories for Boys Who Dare To Be Different.

Biography of QUINTON WINTER in Short


is a British illustrator, artist and colourist. He has worked for many clients including the Guardian newspaper, Walker Books, “Goggle-box, 2000AD, Vertigo Comics, Mojo and the BBC. He is the illustrator of the international bestseller Stories for Boys Who Dare To Be Different.

Biography of BIDDY MASON in Short



Biddy Mason was an African American born into slavery. At a young age, she was torn away from her parents and sold repeatedly, from slaveowner to slaveowner. Eventually she ended up on the plantation of a man called Robert Smith, a Mormon living in Mississippi
When church leaders put out the call for their followers to relocate to the west of America, Robert Smith set about moving his entire family and everything he owned over a gruelling two-thousand-mile trek, Biddy carried her youngest daughter on her back while she herded cattle, prepared meals, and looked after animals.
A few years later, Robert decided to move again, this time to California While she was there, Biddy made friends with black people who weren’t slaves, and who explained that California was a free state. While they were standing within that state’s limits, no person was the property of another person. That made Robert Smith nervous, and he tried to escape with his slaves to Texas, But Biddy’s friends went to the sheriff’s office and a party rode out to stop Robert Smith before he could get away.
On January 19th 1856, Biddy carned freedom for herself and her extended family of thirteen.
She began work as a nurse, gaining a reputation for her encyclopaedic knowledge of herbal remedies When patients couldn’t pay, she gave her services for free. When they could she saved every penny.
After ten years, Biddy bought two pieces of land and became the first black woman in Los Angeles to do so.
Biddy accumulated more and more wealth, always using it to help those around her. She fed the poor, let orphans live in her house, visited jails, and opened a school for black children.
If you hold your hand closed Biddy said, ‘nothing good can come in. The open hand is blessed, for it gives in abundance, even as it receives
Almost a hundred years after she died, November 16th was declared Biddy Mason Day in Los Angeles.

Biography of BIKINI KILL in Short


(FORMED 1990)

Kathleen was always getting confused with Kathi at college because they both had shaved heads. Then Tobi started working in a sandwich shop on the same day as Kathi. And Billy met Tobi outside a Burger King before a punk show

Together, the group formed Bikini Kill.

At the time, the punk music scene in Washington was dominated by male bands. It felt unwelcoming to girls. The music wasn’t for them, the art wasn’t for them, and the shows weren’t for them. Bikini Kill wanted to know why it was that half of the world were women, suffering in ways particular to them, but no one was writing punk songs about it.

The band led the charge that changed that.

They headed a movement called Riot grrrl that fought to make space for women in punk rock. At shows, they encouraged their female fans to express themselves. They called for them to come up on stage to tell their stories. The band’s song Rebel Girl became an anthem for women of the Riot grrrl movement.

Tobi said she wanted to spread the message that all girls in all small towns across America should create bands and form their own culture.

And it worked

Women made their own magazines, writing and illustrating them, then printing them off and stapling them together. More girl bands were born in garages, their demo tapes recorded in bedrooms

Men were hostile. They claimed the band had no talent, and they threatened Kathleen, Kathi, Billy, and Tobi. They assaulted them, even threatening to electrify the microphone and shock Kathleen, who was the singer.

“People hated us with a passion Kathleen said. But the young girls who came to their shows kept them going. For thousands of females who couldn’t relate to the music being played on the radio, Bikini Kill was a source of energy and inspiration They pushed aside the boys and made a space for feminism in underground music. Many bands today still thank Bikini Kill for leading the way.

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