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Biography of LISE MEITNER in Short



In 1944, a German chemist called Otto Hahn receiver the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, one of the most prestigious awards you can receive. His lab partner of thirty years Lise Meitner, was completely overlooked, even though they had worked together.

Lise was born in Vienna, in 1878, the third child of eight. Austrian laws meant women weren’t allowed to go to college but her father paid for her to have a private education and she went on to become the second woman ever to graduate from the University of Vienna with a degree.

Lise focused her studies on physics radioactivity, specifically. She worked together with Otto to isolate various isotopes and observe them as they decayed.

In 1923, Lise discovered something called radiationless transition. Just as she would be years later, she was overlooked. The effect was named after a French man who discovered it a full two years after she did.

When the Nazis took control of Austria, Lise fled. Her family were Jewish and they risked being sent to concentration camps and killed. Otto stayed.

In Copenhagen, Lise worked alongside her nephew to explain a process she had discovered with Otto called nuclear fission. Nuclear fission involves splitting a large atom into smaller atoms. When it occurs, unbelievable amounts of energy are released. For that reason, nuclear weapons had devastating potential, while nuclear power had the potential to provide huge quantities of electricity Today, around eleven per cent of the world’s power comes from fission happening inside nuclear reactors.

Finally, in 1992, Lise got some recognition. When the extremely reactive element number 109 was discovered, it was named in her honour. They called it meitnerium.

Biography of LOUJAIN AL-HATHLOUL in Short


(BORN 1989)

For a long time, women in Saudi Arabia have struggled to gain the rights given to the men. They weren’t allowed to vote until 2015, compete in the Olympics until 2012, and still aren’t allowed to open their own bank accounts.

Up until 2017, women were also forbidden from driving Loujain set out to change that.

She had grown up in a conservative area of Saudi Arabia but moved away to France as a teenager. While an adult in Canada, she started making videos on an app called Keek, which would allow thirty second recordings. She posted videos of herself with her face uncovered and her hair flowing free as she drove a car all of which were illegal lor women in Saudi Arabia. Loujain believed that the ability to drive could be the symbol that would give women there more independence and lead to further freedoms being unlocked.

Some people criticized her for posting from the safety of a country where the Saudi authorities couldn’t reach her So Loujain flew home. Her father met her at the airport and gave her the keys to his car and she drove, filming the whole thing. The authorities called her father in and made him swear never to let his daughter drive again. Loujain didn’t give up.

A few days after her wedding she drove from Abu Dhabi Across the desert to Saudi Arabia and demanded to be let across the border This time she was arrested and put in jail for seventy-three days. To be released, Loujain had to sign a document saying she wouldn’t make any more videos discussing women’s rights in Saudi Arabia She signed it, happily, because the document didn’t say anything about speaking out in writing. And she carried on doing just that.

On May 15th 2018, Loujain was once again arrested at her house because of her fight for equality But thanks to the awareness she’s raised about the plight of her country’s women. the eyes of the world are on the Saudi Arabia government, and they are being urged by organizations everywhere to release peaceful protestors and grant women the rights they deserve.

Biography of LUKE AMBLER in Short


(BORN 1989)

One night, Luke Ambler was at his brother-in-law Andy’s house, laughing, messing about, and playing games. A few days later, Andy took his own life.

It broke the hearts of everyone who knew him.

It was a shock but Luke knew how it felt to be down. He’d struggled with his own issues growing up, including an eating disorder and bullying. As a professional rugby player, he’d also felt the pressure of acting tough and manly, even while he’d been struggling with feeling sad or stressed.

He thinks that sometimes men and boys can feel too embarrassed or afraid to talk about their feelings and they end up bottling them up. Holding all those feelings in can get too much for a person. It can lead to them feeling as though they can’t go on. That’s what had happened to Andy.

Wanting to help other people who might be having similar trouble, Luke started the Andy’s Man Club. The aim of the club is to provide a place for men to come and openly talk about their feelings, without fear of being judged or made fun of.

He also started a campaign on social media. He took a picture of himself doing an OK symbol and captioned it: It’s Okay To Talk. Since then, celebrities from all walks of life have posted images of themselves in the same pose, trying to spread the word that there’s no shame in speaking up about how you feel.

There’s an old saying that goes a problem shared is a problem halved. And there’s even science to back it up! Experiments have shown that just talking about our problems can lead us to calm down and put things into perspective.

Luke’s already had messages from people saying that he’s saved them. Just remember, he says. It’s okay to talk.

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