Peter Jackson was born on Halloween Growing up an only child in Pukerua Bay, a small seaside town in New Zealand he had to make his fun At first, this meant watching old monster films like Godzilla and King Kong By the time he was nine, it meant trying to make his own movies.

With his parents’ camera and his friends acting out the parts he gave them, Peter made a World War Two film. He dug holes in the garden for trenches. To give the effect of gunfire, he cut holes in the film so it flashed as it played.

To try and fund his first full film, Peter got a job at a newspaper called The Evening Post. Using only his own money, he spent four years making a film about aliens who come to earth to capture humans and use them as ingredients for their intergalactic fast-food chain. Filmed at weekends, all the parts were again played by friends and neighbors. Peter built the models himself and created all the special elects. The film was called Bud Taste. It was bizarre, disgusting, funny, and unlike anything else that was being made.

Amazingly, the film was shown at the biggest film festival in the world: Cannes. Some people found it revolting, some loved it. It went on to be played in thirty countries around the world Peter was twenty-six and he quit his job at the newspaper, ready to devote himself full time to film.

After making a series of horror films, Peter was offered the chance to direct an adaptation of one of his favorite books: The Lord of the Rings It became one of the most successful film franchises of all time, as people around the world followed the adventures of a plucky hobbit called Frodo, his escort of dwarves and elves, and their quest to destroy the one ring.

After finishing Lord of the Rings Peter finally got to make his version of King king, I truly believe this is the best version of Kong ever released wrote one reviewer. The film won three Oscars. Peter had come a long way from the films he’d made in his parents’ garden with his friends.

Bioraphy of POPE FRANCIS

(BORN 1936)

Ever since the time of Jesus, there has been a pope Whenever one pope steps down or dies, 120 cardinals barricade themselves inside The Sistine Chapel, sealing the doors until they’ve decided who will take his place. The world waits with bated breath for white smoke to emerge from the chimney, signaling a decision has been made.

On March 13th, 2013, Francis became the 266th pope, the head of the Catholic church around the world.

He was the first pope to come from Latin America and the first to choose the name Francis. But those weren’t the only ways he was different.

Francis didn’t live in the fancy penthouse of all the other popes but took a tiny room in a guesthouse. He made it clear he wouldn’t be going to the grand summer residence available to all popes. Instead, he wanted to help his people.

He kissed the feet of prisoners, agreed to selfies, donated money, and met tribes in the Amazon who were having their homes destroyed by loggers. Francis sold his Harley Davidson motorcycle to fund a hostel for the poor. He fired a bishop who spent too much money on a big house and

turned the house into a soup kitchen for those who couldn’t afford to eat

As the leader of the Catholic church, the pope tends to hold very traditional values and beliefs. Not Francis. When asked about his feelings on gay people. Pope Francis replied, ‘Who am I to judge?’ It may not sound like much. but the Catholic church has traditionally spoken out against being gay, so it marked a big step forward

Many members of the Catholic church were appalled.

Francis didn’t care, He stood up and spoke out against them, giving a rousing speech in which he condemned those acting with closed hearts. He doesn’t think the Bible should be used as a tool to judge people. To Francis, it’s an inspiration to show love to whoever needs it.

Bioraphy of ROBERT SMITH

(BORN 1959)

Robert’s guitar teacher thought he was terrible, so he quit lessons and learned by ear instead, painstakingly working out how to play the songs he heard coming from the radio He bought his own guitar after saving up twenty pounds.

Robert also started wearing makeup as a teenager. He liked the reactions it got. People would scream at him, which he found both strange and hilarious. He once wore a dress to school. None of the teachers said anything, but some boys beat him up at the end of the day. He didn’t find that so funny, but he wouldn’t stop being himself.

It was at school that he formed a band called The Cure with four of his friends. They played their first show together in front of their classmates when they were thirteen. The band was searching for a singer but couldn’t find one, so Robert agreed to do it, even though he hated the sound of his voice.

He wore smeared red lipstick, black makeup around his eyes, and hairspray his hair into a giant bird’s nest.

The Cure wrote songs for when you wanted to bounce around the room Smiling, and they wrote songs for when you wanted to be alone, hiding under a blanket. They wrote songs for kids who felt like they didn’t fit in.

People called them goths, punks, new wave rockers. But Robert and his friends didn’t call themselves anything but The Cure.

When they went to record their first big album, the producer was shocked by Robert’s twenty-pound guitar.

What’s that? he asked. You can’t play with that.

So Robert went out and bought a new one, but secretly had parts of his old one built into it.

I’m not technically a good player, he said, but at least I don’t sound like anyone else.

In 1989, The Cure played to 44,000 people in the New York Giants stadium. The band went on to sell over twenty-seven million records, Robert still wears lipstick, still hairsprays his hair, and still plays with the parts of his first guitar.

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