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Class 2 Study Material​ | CBSE Board

CBSE board is an outstanding board that runs most of the schools in the country. The schools which are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education follows the same syllabus as per prescribed by the board.  Edugross is providing here the online learning materials for the students of class 2. These materials can be used as a reference while preparing for exams. 

We are including here CBSE Syllabus for Maths, English, and Hindi as per the CBSE curriculum, solutions for all the chapters, Notes to have a quick revision before the exam. All these materials are prepared to keep in mind the student’s benefits and learning capabilities. They have been created in such a way, that every student can understand them easily.

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NCERT Book  
NCERT Solutions 
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CBSE Class 2 Syllabus

NCERT Books Subejct-wise PDF

NCERT Books for Class 2 is the best study material for the students, which you can download from the Edugross website for proper knowledge, and Preparation of the concepts. NCERT Class 2 book is designed according to the latest syllabus and topics prescribed by the CBSE curriculum

The textbook content has been Presented in Simple, functional English without sacrificing information. Therefore, students can expect more marks and high grades by studying these NCERT books.

We have provided below the NCERT textbook for Class 2 of all the compulsory subjects Maths, English, and Hindi in PDF format. Students can download these books and start preparing for the exam.

NCERT books provided here at ‘Edugross’ are-

  • NCERT Class 2 Maths Book Magic
  • NCERT Class 2 English Marigold
  • NCERT Class 2 Hindi Rimjhim

NCERT Chapter-wise Solutions For All Subjects

NCERT Textbooks solutions for class 2 are the best study material for the students. All these books which are provided here, at ‘Edugross’ cover all the latest CBSE Syllabus. Students of class 2 should refer to these solutions while preparing for their exams.

All the links provided at Edugross are 100% accurate and are as per the latest CBSE syllabus. These textbooks have been designed by the subject experts who hold years of experience. The language used in these books is simple and easily understandable. At the end of every chapter, a lot of practice questions have been provided for practice.

NCERT Syllabus Chapter-wise For All Subjects

CBSE Class 2 syllabus for Hindi, English, and Mathematics is provided here in a simple pattern. We have provided the entire Syllabus of 2nd standard. Class 2 is one of the most important primary Classes with no expectations. In this class, students learn basic concepts. The concept of this NCERT Syllabus has been designed for class 2 students in recognized methods.

Students will get much help from this CBSE Board syllabus to score higher in their exams. Here at EDUGROSS, the students can download the syllabus for free in PDF format. Here Students can learn better and can make their base strong. Check out more study material for class 2.

Benefits Of Referring NCERT Online Study Material

Some key benefits of
studying from CBSE Online study materials are given in the points below-

  • It offers in-depth knowledge of
    the course curriculum quickly.
  • The study material is designed
    strictly as per the latest CBSE syllabus and exam pattern.
  • It builds the basic concepts and
    clears Students’ doubts.
  • The study material is provided in
    a Simpler language so that students can easily understand it.