One Word Substitution For Class 8 In English

  1. An edition of a book in which it has been condensed -abridged
  2. The act of freeing a person from a charge by verdict -acquittal 
  3. Make oneself familiar with a person or a thing -acquaint  
  4. A van which is used in transporting wounded or serious patients –ambulance
  5. To falsify a thing by admixture of baser ingredients -adulteration 
  6. Stage between boyhood and youth-adolescence
  7. Man who does something as a hobby- mature  
  8. A life story by the person himself-autobiography
  9. Signature in person’s own handwriting-autograph 
  10. Types of vehicles which move automatically-automobile 
  11. An assembly of persons who listen somebody speak-audience 
  12. An act of pardoning persons in general –amnesty  
  13. An event recurring yearly-annual
  14. One which can live both in water and on land alike-amphibian 
  15. An assembly of hearers -auditor
  16. One who audits (checks) the accounts -auditor 
  17. That which can be easily broken-brittle
  18. An animal having two feet-biped 
  19. Government by officials-bureaucracy
  20. Life story of a person-biography 
  21. One who cannot pay off his debts -bankrupt
  22. One who devotes his whole time to studies – bookworm
  23. An instrument measuring atmospheric pressure-barometer
  24. A descriptive list of books or article arranged according to subjects-catalog
  25. One hundred years — century
  26. State of being unmarried – celibacy 
  27. Space of a hundred years reckoned from any point in a century-centenary
  28. A man who readily believes -credulous
  29. Feeding on flesh-carnivorous
  30. A disease communicable by contact -contagious
  31. That which can be cured – curable A citizen of the world – cosmopolitan
  32. Where neither water nor vegetation is found-desert 
  33. Government of the people for the people by people -democracy
  34. To prevent a person from admission or a right-debar
  35. One who cannot hear -deaf 
  36. That which can be divided-divisible
  37. That which can be digested — digestible 
  38. A letter claimed without claimed -Dead letter
  39. One who cannot speak – dumb 
  40. Food that is fit to be eaten – eatable or edible
  41. One who edits a newspaper, magazine, film, etc. – editor 
  42. One who is fit for a post, or something — eligible
  43. Words inscribed on a tomb – epitaph 
  44. Disease prevalent among community at special time – epidemic
  45. Verse in form of a letter – epistle 
  46. Things without which we cannot do – essential
  47. Set manners of conduct – etiquette
  48. A speech delivered without preparation -extempore
  49. Made to be absent for a long time from one’s own country – exile
  50. A most wicked and cruel man- fiend
  51. A guide post pointing out the way to a place -finger post
  52. Falsification of documents etc. -forgery 
  53. Killing of one’s own brother – fratricide
  54. Irregular luminous band of stars – galaxy 
  55. A shed for motor care- garage
  56. Medicine having power to destroy germs -germicide
  57. A person who eats too much-glutton
  58. Without any payment — gratis 
  59. Full moon about autumnal equinox – harvest moon
  60. Vehicle to carry dead bodies -hearse
  61. A canvas bag to hold bedding, etc. – holdall
  62. The first night of newly married couple – honeymoon
  63. An imaginary serpent with many heads -hydra 
  64. That which cannot be believed – incredible
  65. That which cannot be moved –immovable
  66. That which cannot be put into practice – impracticable
  67. That which cannot be described — indescribable 
  68. A person without any knowledge — ignorant
  69. That which cannot be seen – invisible 
  70. That which catches fire easily -inflammable
  71. Killing of an infant-infanticide 
  72. False sensual preposition -illusion
  73. Something carried on within door or under cover – indoor
  74. Not limited by person or number-infinite
  75. That which kill insects – insecticide 
  76. A place where prisoners are kept – jail
  77. Anything which relates to young and youth -juvenile
  78. An animal of Australia – kangaroo
  79. A school for small children – kindergarten
  80. One who knows many languages – linguist 
  81. A place which contains books for reading and reference -library
  82. A kind a winged insect-locust
  83. Concerning moon -lunar 
  84. A speech made for the first time-maiden
  85. Papers written by hand-manuscript
  86. That moves from one place to another-migratory
  87. A cinema show which is held in the afternoon – matinee
  88. Purely fictitious narrative usually involving supernatural beings -myths
  89. Goddess of music and poetry -muse
  90. A person who dies for the sake of his country — martyr 
  91. A badly behaved child -naughty
  92. One whose parents are domiciled -native
  93. Well known unfavorable – notorious
  94. Person publically authorized to attest contracts etc. -notary
  95. A lady who attends to sick persons — nurse 
  96. Having lot of fat in one’s body-obesity
  97. Holding the old opinions in religion and life – orthodox 
  98. A large bird reputed to burry its head in sand when pursued- ostrich
  99. Not transmitting light – opaque 
  100. Science of sight and vision -optics
  101. A factory where military materials are produced-ordnance 
  102. A child without father and mother-orphan
  103. Cast out as useless – outcast
  104. Payment made in consideration of past service – pension 
  105. One who loves and works for mankind – philanthropist
  106. A place where ships seek shelter — port 
  107. Women who offers her body on hire – prostitute
  108. To form an opinion against anybody baselessly -prejudice 
  109. One who steals out of the pockets of other-pick-pocket
  110. One who is lied by the people -popular
  111. Marrying several girls – polygamy 
  112. A four footed animal – quadruped
  113. Stanza of four lines- quatrain
  114. One who pretends skill in medicine and surgery – -quack 
  115. Isolation imposed on infected people -quarantine
  116. Too much official formality-red-tapism 
  117. To use a woman by force -rape
  118. Emission of light or heat from central point – radiation 
  119. Direct decision by a general vote on the single question – referendum
  120. An intelligent and obedient machine like a man -robot
  121. A place of good climate where invalids are kept — sanatorium 
  122. That which causes sensation – sensational
  123. Working room of an artist of a photographer-studio 
  124. One who simply looks at a show-spectator
  125. One who sells paper, pen, ink etc. – stationer
  126. A person who abstains from all kinds of intoxication -teetotaler
  127. One who believes in the existence of God -theist
  128. A writing which ends in death or sorrow-tragedy 
  129. Having three legs — tripod
  130. Station at end of a route-terminus
  131. Confidence reposed in persons by making them nominal owner – trust
  132. One who changes his principles – turncoat
  133. That has no equal — unique
  134. One who does not mix-unsociable
  135. Incapable of being sold-unsaleable 
  136. One who uses a diet of vegetable as food – vegetarian 
  137. Animals having spinal column-vertebrate
  138. A person who undertakes service of one’s own free will – volunteer
  139. A person having long experience of an occupation service – veteran
  140. A woman whose husband is dead – widow
  141. A man whose wife is dead – widower 
  142. Through which water cannot pass -waterproof
  143. Place where clothes are kept-wardrobe 
  144. Food which conduces health-wholesome
  145. Abelt of the heavenly bodies divided into 12 equal signs -zodiac 
  146. A place where birds and animals are kept-zoo

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