Paragraph Writing Free Practice For Class 8

1.If I Were Invisible!

If by some magical feat, I were to become invisible, I would be extremely happy and make all my dreams come true. Being invisible would give me the liberty to go anywhere and see everything without anyone knows. I would walk unnoticed with the great celebrities of my country and visit famous places and see all the wonders of the world. It would not cost me even a cent to travel across the world. But my real desire is to use this rare ability to serve my nation. I would strike the enemies of the nation to a position of definite advantage over them. I would sneak into the enemy camps with time bombs and destroy their arms dumps. Then I would disclose my identity and be honored by my nation.

2.The Best Way to Serve God is to Serve Humanity

The service of mankind is the service of God. There is not a single religion which does not preach the ideal of service to humanity. The idea that God loves those who love their fellowmen is rightly brought out by the famous poet Leigh Hunt in his poem Abou Ben Adhem. In a dream Abou saw an angel preparing a list of those who loved God. Abou’s name did not figure in this list. But since he loved his fellowmen, his name was put at the top in the list of those whom God had blessed. Mother Teresa was a living example of a lady who had dedicated her life to the service of the poorest of the poor, the dying and the destitute. For her noble deeds she is praised throughout the world. Jesus once told the people, “I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thirsty and you gave Me drink.” What is given to man is directly given to God.

3.We Are Happier than Our Forefathers

Life is more comfortable and worth living in today’s world than ever before. If our forefathers were to visit us today, they would be wonderstruck by the awesome changes brought about by the advancement in science and technology. In the absence of medical facilities, our forefathers died premature deaths. Absence of roads and poor means of transport restricted their movement. When located distantly, they were not able to communicate with one another. Being superstitious and illiterate, they believed that calamities were a result of the fury of the gods. Today, with the advancement of science, we are leading a luxurious life and enjoying all amenities like TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Fast-moving planes have made the entire world easily accessible to us. Communication has become an instantaneous process by virtue of cellphones and e-mail messages. Education has enabled us to think rationally so that we can easily solve any problem related to our life. The internet has brought all information just a click away. Medical science and hygienic conditions are helping us to enjoy a longer span of life. Thus the man of today is definitely in a better position and is far happier than his forefathers.

4.The best way to serve God is to serve humanity.

The service of mankind is the service of God. There is not a single religion which does not preach the ideal of service to humanity. The idea that God loves those who love their fellow beings is rightly brought out by the famous poet Leigh Hunt in his poem ‘Abou Ben Adhem’. In a dream, Abou saw an angel preparing a list of those who loved God. Abou’s name did not figure in this list. But since he loved his fellow men, his name was put at the top in the list of those whom God had blessed. Mother Teresa was a living example of a lady who dedicated her life to the service of the poorest of the poor, the dying and the destitute. For her noble deeds she is praised throughout the world. Jesus once told the people, “I was hungry and you gave me, food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, What is given to man is directly given to God.”

5.Value Education

Today, we are living in a highly competitive age. Everywhere there is cut throat competition. As a result, more emphasis is laid on academic achievement. All-round development is a bygone trend. The youth also fails to learn manners and social behavior. In such condition, students lack manners. Love, affection, respect of elders, good treatment to guests, caring of the ones in need and helping friends are no more to be seen anywhere. It is no wonder that such students who fail to attain their aspired heights of success, adopt wrong ways to earn money. Earning money seems to be the sole business of the people today. Schools also have forgotten to teach value education. It is high time that parents should interfere in such system of education which prepares just zombies instead of a complete human being. Value education is the need of the day to combat all sorts of social and political problems.

 6. Westernization of Indian Culture

 Today, we are living in an age of globalization. As Kofi Annan has said, globalization has its own benefits and drawbacks. The worst of all disadvantages is mixing and marrying of culture of our country. The free flow of tourists in our country adversely affects the dress sense of our youth. T.V. also is playing havoc with our cultural heritage. The culture of binding hands, touching feet, talking less before elders, etc. are getting erased from their mental span. They believe in odd looking dresses, and wish their elders and peers in the same tone ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. Today, vulgarity is misunderstood as advancement or modernization. It is high time that moral education should be taught to the present generation.  

7.Gravity, A Wizard

Normally you can see the magician who performs amusing tricks. But gravity is a wizard who is not visible. Yet he performs many an incredible miracle. He is a magician par excellence. You know that two-third of the earth’s surface is covered by vast oceans. In spite of the earth’s constant rotation at a tremendous speed, the ocean waters do not flow over. We do not roll out of our globe. Gravity can hold everything on the earth down, including all the waters in the seas and oceans. The tides in the ocean are caused by interplay of the gravitational forces of the earth, the sun and the moon. Raindrops are brought down to us by gravity and water is the elixir of life. You may be surprised to learn that the weight of our body, our height and even our life span are greatly influenced by the earth’s gravity. Besides our spinal column, hands, feet and all our limbs are tuned to the play of this invisible power.

8.The Sri Krishna Eating House

The Sri Krishna Eating House was the meanest and the shabbiest restaurant Hari had ever seen. Even in Thul and along the Alibagh-Rewas highway there were cafes that were pleasanter, usually wooden shacks built in the shade of a mango or frangi pani tree with a handful of marigolds and hibiscus crammed into an old ink bottle for a vase, and possibly picture of a god or goddess on the wall with tinsel garland around the frame and heavily scented joss sticks burning before it. But, the Sri Krishna Eating House did not have even so much as a colored picture of Krishna cut out of a magazine and glued to the wall. The ceiling was thick with cobwebs, the floor and wooden tables were all black, since even they got a share of soot from the open stoves in the back room where the lentils were cooked all day long.

9.I Hate Advertisements!

I hate advertisements. They annoy me when I am watching TV and a good film is interrupted every twenty minutes or so by eight or ten stupid lying commercials. I always turn the sound off. I never look at newspaper advertisements, and I don’t even open the kind of magazines that have more ads than anything else. I become furious when I see posters all over the place, trying to persuade me to make somebody else rich by spending my money on things I can’t afford or don’t even need. There are advertisements everywhere offering bargains and hundreds of people queue up for hours in advance, first so they can be the first to step into the shop when the sale starts. I would much rather stay at home and enjoy what I have got.

10.My Pet Animal

God has gifted each species of animals with certain qualities. Almost all the domestic animals are useful to man in one way or the other. The dog is my pet animal. I like my dog on certain solid grounds. The dog is the most faithful animal in the world. It is not only the most obedient servant and most valuable guard but also the most sincere and grateful friend. There are numerous instances when a dog sacrificed his life to save the life of his master. It is much less expensive to maintain a pet dog than to maintain a goat, a buffalo, a horse or a cow. The dog has proved to be a wonderful guard and searcher on account of his unique smelling and hearing power. Being very intelligent, the dog has proved very useful to the police department. My dog has a good judgement. He starts barking only at the sight of unwelcome visitors and wanderers.


Trees are nature’s most precious gift and best friend of the living beings on this earth. They provide us cool and refreshing shade. They give us firewood to burn and timber to make furniture. We also get material for preparing paper from trees. They also give us fruits and herbs. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and give out oxygen. In this way, they support the life of the living beings. They check soil erosion and attract rainfall. They also provide shelter to birds and beasts and fodder for some animals. Many medicines are made from the leaves, flowers, pods and fruits of certain trees. Trees also give us rubber, gum and beverages. I love trees for their usefulness and refreshing beauty. We, Indians, worship many trees like the Peepal, Gular and Mango. Trees are found on sands, plains, hills and mountains. The date-palm and oak trees are very tall. Trees are the store-house of beauty and have irresistible appeal for us. The paste of the bark of some trees serves as healing balm or ointment. In this way, every part of the tree is useful for mankind.13


Press has been called the fourth estate. It is a link between the government and the people. It reflects public opinion and apprises the government with the views of the people. Newspapers are the true guardians of people’s trust and freedom. They have different uses for different people. They give us valuable information about the happenings inside our country and abroad. Therefore, the first thing that a man wants when he leaves his bed is the newspaper. A steaming hot cup of tea is the next and secondary requirement. Editorials of the newspapers are highly informative. Newspapers contain material for readers of all ages and tastes. The articles by eminent scholars published in newspapers enhance our knowledge. Newspapers publish all the important announcements and programs of the government. Advertisement establish a link between the producers and the consumers. Newspapers arouse national consciousness on important issues. They serve as social reformer by exposing social abuses. Newspapers should be neutral.

12.Good Manners

Manners not only describe but also make a man. Good manners make life worth-living. Manners distinguish a civilized person from an uncivilized one. We learn to be humble and cool tempered from a good society. Therefore, a person’s manners tell us about his family background, circle of friends, education and culture. Good manners cost us nothing but elevate us in the eyes and esteem of others. Through good manners we can win the hearts of others and command respect in society. It is the height of good manners that we should be affectionate to our youngers and respectful to our elders. We should be obedient to our seniors and polite and courteous in our social circle. We should honor the sentiments of others. We should not lose our temper on petty things. We should cultivate good manners. We must be respectful to ladies and the aged. We must not damage public property.


Travelling has become an important means of education ever since the advancement in the means of transport. Travelling adds to our knowledge and gives us practical experience. Therefore, we should travel now and then and know for ourselves how the world is going on. Businessmen gain rich experience and acquire vast knowledge techniques because of travelling. Books impart only theoretical knowledge, whereas travelling provides practical experience also. Travelling is also a source of lot of fun recreation and pleasure. It dispels monotony of life and lends us untold happiness. While travelling we can enjoy the taste of variety of eatables and watch the activities of different people at different places. Different types of soils, crops and climates cheer our souls. We enjoy the culture and civilization of people of different castes and creeds at different places. The fascinating mountain tops, landscapes and seashores enrapture us. The different forms, shapes and shades of nature widen our mental horizon.


Punctuality is one of the qualities which a person should cultivate in order to achieve greatness in life. Punctuality is the habit of doing things at the right time. Time maintains its usual speed, waiting for none. They along succeed who take time by the forelock. A man who is punctual is able to do more work than a shirker an idler or a laggard who lacks the habit of punctuality. Punctuality is the basic need in every walk of life. It is the basic need in every walk of like. It is the backbone of administration. A little lethargy or delay at any point may cause inconvenience to may persons. If one does not care for the time, time will kick him back so hard that he would definitely fall far behind. A punctual man gets praise from all quarters and gets happiness and success everywhere. For service personnel.

15.Health is Wealth

Truly, ‘Health is Wealth’ A healthy person can work with efficiency to earn wealth. The man who is not having a good health spends a lot of money on medicines and doctors. He can never be cheerful, which is also our wealth. But we must take precautions to have good health. Healthy body is a creation of a healthy mind. For maintaining good health we should always be away from the bad habits like smoking, junk food, etc. We should go for morning walk regularly, must do light exercises in fresh air and a stroll after dinner. We should not be jealous of others.

We should always take balanced and nutritious diet. One should also develop the habit of cleanliness to remain healthy. 

16.Where There is a Will There is a Way

Strong determination is the road to success. A person with a strong will power achieves whatever he desires. Difficulties disappear from his path, mountains crumble down and obstacles run away. Where there is a strong will, a way is sure to be found. Life is a struggle, full of difficulties of dangers. We should face it boldly. Man has unlimited energy. He has conquered nature. He has made impossible things possible. There is nothing beyond his power. He is the strongest, wisest and ablest of all creatures. His determination is unyielding. So he believes in will power and says, “Where there is a will, there is a way. To be brief, will is genius, will is destiny and will is life force.

17.A Picnic

“Picnic’ gives us an opportunity to view the outdoor life. It plays an important part in our life. It was in the first week of July, and the day was extremely hot and humid. Fortunately a cool breeze began to blow and it started drizzling. I always enjoy walking in rain. Few of my friends decided to go on a picnic. There is a canal near our town and form the water of this canal an artificial lake has been formed for the enjoyment of the people. There are also grassy lawns and flower beds. We selected a spot on the grassy lawn and put our articles there. As the grass was velvety smooth, there was no need of spreading any carpet. We enjoyed boating in the lake for sometime. Then we played cards. There were some other groups also who had come for picnic. We had a good time there. By the time it was sunset and we returned home.

18.An Ideal Student

An ideal student is the best student in all around. Obedience, Discipline, respect for elders and hard work are his guiding principles. He always tries to help fellow-students with their studies. He does not mix up with bad boys and do not learn bad habits. He never tells a lie but always speaks the truth. An ideal student is always regular and hard working in his studies. He never leaves any work for tomorrow. He believes in the saying that work while you work and play while you play. He is also a true friend. He helps his friends in need and so he is a friend indeed. He is also a selfless worker. An ideal student never quarrels with anybody. He is always in the good books of his teachers. Besides being a good student, he is always well-behaved. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. Thus, he is an embodiment of all the good qualities that should be in an ideal student.

19.An Incident Which I Can Never Forget

One year passed when I met with an accident. I was going on my scooter when some vehicle hit it from behind and I fell down unconscious. I didn’t know what had happened to me. I knew it only when I opened my eyes in a doctor’s clinic. The doctor told me that he had brought me to the hospital. There was bleeding from my forehead and I had broken my jaw. He gave me some preliminary treatments, asked my address and informed my parents. He also took me to the emergency section of the Medical College Hospital for further treatment. My parents came, thanked the doctor and my regular treatment started. Luckily I am all right now. But still remember that horrible day of my life.


It has been rightly said- Honesty is the best policy. Honesty means fairness, justice, truth and sincerity. An honest person is upright in speech, thought and deed. He never thinks untruly or insincerely. His thinking is always true, earnest and without any sort of deceitful behavior. He or she always speak what is true. He or she would never lie or cheat for the sake of any selfish end. Finally, an honest person would never do anything evil or unfair. His or her actions are fair, just and impartial. Honesty is a divine quality indeed. A person who chooses to be honest, is certainly nearer to God himself. Consequently, he is blessed by the God in every way. Honesty may lead to trouble in the beginning but in the long run it brings in gains, honor and the blessings of God.

21.Admission to A School

In these days to achieve admission in a good school is a very difficult task. Even one can find a job. It is easier than getting an admission in a school. For getting an admission to a school we can get the application form from the school’s office or by registered post as per the schedule of admission as published in newspapers. Completely filled forms are submitted in the school office. Incomplete forms are likely to be rejected. For admission in the lower classes the parents are also interviewed with their wards. For higher classes they are short listed according to marks obtained by them in the previous examinations. If the members of admission board are satisfied with the performance and ability of the student they allow him/her to take admission. Then after depositing the admission fees students get the admission card, class and roll no.

22.My Favorite Color

While we are spoilt for choice in this colorful world, my favorite color is green. It is the color of spring, of fresh beginnings and of hope. It is the color of relief after the rains, and the birth of new life in Nature. Green exists in various shades and it never fails to amaze me with its versatility. The shades of green range from the powder green of young leaves to the darker olives of military uniforms. Due to its associations with energy and vitality, green also features on the flags of many nations, including ours.

23.The Importance of Travelling

In our daily lives which follow the same routine, it is necessary that we find the time to get away from it all and travel. Travelling opens up our minds to the world and its different people. That there are others leading similar and varied lives is an eye opener. We step out of our comfort zones and learn to adjust and adapt to new situations and surroundings. We learn to rely on the goodness of strangers and also realize that friends can often be found in strange places. Over and above this is the bonus of seeing the beautiful scenery, experiencing a new culture or a way of life, and savoring new delicacies. These are some reasons why travelling is so important.

24.My Grandfather’s Typewriter

My grandfather was a writer. Not a writer of stories but a writer of lawsuits and letters to government offices, courts and clients.

He was a lawyer by profession but all the writing he did made him a writer nonetheless. He had a typewriter in his office that ticked away frantically late into the night every day as he sat preparing various cases and drafts and letters to be submitted the next day. His typewriter seemed to be an ancient version of the modern computer, only, its keys jumped every time he pressed them and the writing appeared magically on a sheet of paper he inserted by rolling it along a roller at the top. Though it seemed archaic, his typewriter was a most advanced version of the Remington brand, a Vintage Remington Travel Riter, and a prized possession which he protected from all and sundry. The grey and black machine had its own special case with my grandfather’s name engraved on it. It had a special box for its ribbons and a basket to stack the sheets of paper it consumed every day. One day, led by my curiosity to know how the words were printed on the sheets of paper, I pulled out the ribbon, smearing ink on my hands and on everything else around.

He banished me from his room for almost two weeks, but could not banish my desire to stay close to it. Soon I was back to hovering around him, and being useful as I was in doing his errands, I was granted access to his room. I was also allowed to touch the machine occasionally, as a reward for the chores I was always eager to do.

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